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Best Genshin Impact Dps (Real Research)

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1What is main DPS Genshin Impact?

The Main DPS character in Genshin Impact typically deals lots of damage and is the character that will primarily carry your team in the game. For these reasons, they are on the field most of the time.

2Who is the strongest DPS in Genshin Impact 2022?

Genshin Impact: 5 best single target DPS including Ganyu and others in 2022.

3Who is the best 4 star DPS in Genshin Impact?

4 Razor Is Among The Strongest 4-Star Characters Razor is one of the best physical damage dealers in Genshin Impact. Despite being a claymore user, his attacks are quick, so there’s no need to worry about long cooldown times. Many fans say he is an excellent alternative to Xiao.

4Who is the best hydro DPS in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact: Every Playable Hydro User, Ranked.
– 6 Barbara.
– 5 Xingqiu.
– 4 Mona.
– 3 Sangonomiya Kokomi.
– 2 Tartaglia.
– 1 Kamisato Ayato.

5Is Diluc still the best DPS?

Diluc is still a great damage dealer in Genshin Impact This increases his viability as other damage dealer other damage dealers that rely on physical damage lose their spark, eventually. The most important thing that maximum players ignore is that all five-star claymores in the game are just average.

6Is Xiao a good DPS?

Is Xiao a DPS character? Absolutely, to the exclusion of almost everything else. Xiao has high base attack, and his Elemental Skill and Burst are both focused on dealing damage. You can use his skill to help with exploration, since it covers long distances, but Xiao is best suited for the primary DPS role on your team.

7Who is the best main DPS?

The Best DPS Characters In Genshin Impact, Ranked.
– 8 Klee.
– 7 Diluc.
– 6 Arataki Itto.
– 5 Xiao.
– 4 Eula.
– 3 Ayaka.
– 2 Hu Tao.
– 1 Ganyu.

8Who is the strongest DPS?

Hu Tao currently holds the record for the highest damage number ever. To get to that point, she’ll need a 4-piece Crimson Witch of Flames with a Pyro goblet as well.

9Is Yae Miko a DPS?

To help you figure out how to play Yae Miko, we’ve put together a guide to the best Yae Miko build and team composition. She is a powerful Electro DPS character, capable of dealing substantial damage.

10Is Xingqiu a DPS?

Is Xingqiu a DPS character? No, his low base attack and long skill cooldown times mean Xingqiu is ill-suited for a DPS role. However, those skills have long-lasting effects that make Xingqiu a superb support character.

11Is Xingqiu a 5-star?

6 5-Star: Qiqi All of Qiqi’s abilities can heal and one of them, the Elemental Skill, can even deal damage while periodically healing.

12Is razor or Beidou better?

For long run and general adventuring and exploration, I focused more on Beidou as she provides good support and defense, whereas Razor is a bit more reckless, tending to take more damage and consume more resources.

13Is Xingqiu a man?

Xingqiu is a young man that spends a lot of time keeping up appearances. His best friend Chongyun, however, is more than aware of the boy’s true personality. Chongyun often has to put up with Xingqiu when he is acting like his true self, which often leads poor Chongyun to endure pranks.

14Is ganyu still the best DPS?

Ganyu is often considered the best DPS character in Genshin Impact with no real competition. However, many players disagree with this because she neither belongs to the Pyro element nor is she a Sword, Polearm, or Claymore user.

15Is Beidou a good main DPS?

Is Beidou a DPS character? Yes, despite having an Elemental skill that’s half defensive, Beidou has limited support potential. When built right, you can use her as a main Electro DPS and get some high numbers thanks to her natural 50% critical hit rate, fast cooldown, and powerful abilities.

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