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Best Genshin Impact Music (Fact Checked)

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1Does Genshin Impact have good music?

If miHoYo continues leaning into the aspects of Genshin Impact that make it so successful, new music can’t be ignored. The OST has already received numerous accolades, and it’s something the fans love. There are a lot of things that Genshin Impact does right, and Yu-Peng Chen’s music is certainly one of the best.

2Who played the music for Genshin Impact?

Yu-Peng Chen

3What is the Genshin Impact opening song called?

Journey of Hope (Genshin Impact Main Theme Var.

4Is Genshin Impact Ost on Spotify?

miHoYo has announced that the Genshin Impact Inazuma Chapter OST is now available to stream through Spotify. Additionally, the Inazuma Chapter OST is available to stream through YouTube and iTunes.

5How many OST does Genshin Impact have?

For the digital version, Genshin Impact now has seven albums, 311 tracks, and 16 discs in total.

6Does Kaeya have a theme song?

Genshin Impact OST – Forsaken Rift (Kaeya Domain Theme)

7Does Diluc have a theme song?

miHoYo released a new music video, and this one has a theme.

8What is Kokomi theme called?

A Thousand Waves Under The Moon

9What font does Genshin Impact use?

The primary typeface of Genshin Impact, seen as the font which is used to display virtually everything in-game, is a proprietary typeface tweaked by miHoYo which is based on Hanyi WenHei (Chinese: 汉仪文黑 Hànyí Wénhēi) in 85W weight (Extra Bold), or HYWenHei-85W, a font developed by Chinese professional font design

10Where can I buy Genshin Impact soundtrack?

Travelers can go to Spotify or Apple Music to listen to Genshin Impact’s Version 1.0 Commemorative OST album — “The Shimmering Voyage.

11How do you play Genshin Impact on piano?

12Will Genshin concert be on Spotify?

Today, miHoYo revealed that the Genshin Impact Inazuma Chapter OST is now available to stream on Spotify, Apple Music, and YouTube.

13Is Raiden Shogun theme on Spotify?

Raiden Shogun Theme (Judgement of Euthymia) – song by Samuel Kim | Spotify.

14How many radiant Spincrystals are there?

There are a total of 46 Radiant Spincrystals available in-game, each with a unique song.

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