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Best Genshin Impact Themes (Expert Answers)

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1Does Genshin impact have a theme song?

Genshin Impact Main Theme is a soundtrack from the album The Wind and The Star Traveler. It has the following variations: Beckoning. Dream Aria.

2Who did the music for Genshin impact?

Yu-Peng Chen

3Is Paimon a dude?

What’s the gender of Paimon? Paimon is a female NPC in Genshin Impact that follows you around and will act as your guide for the continent of Teyvat. She enters the story as a character saved by you from a lake that she was about to drown in.

4Does Kaeya have a theme song?

Genshin Impact OST – Forsaken Rift (Kaeya Domain Theme)

5Does Diluc have a theme song?

miHoYo released a new music video, and this one has a theme.

6What is Kokomi theme called?

A Thousand Waves Under The Moon

7What is Xiao’s theme called?

Lantern Rite

8How old is Diluc?

According to the post, Genshin Impact’s Diluc is 22 years old, while Amber is 18.

9Is Paimon autistic?

When I stream, I’ve had people ask me a question and I’ll say, ‘I know nothing about that’, and then they will literally respond with, ‘Then it is true! I saw it in your smile’. I’m autistic.

10Will Paimon be evil?

Paimon, in general, doesn’t seem to be evil, but she does follow the Traveler and guide them on their journey. This can easily be Celestia’s way of interfering with the Traveler’s quest.

11Who works with albedo?


12How many radiant Spincrystals are there?

There are a total of 46 Radiant Spincrystals available in-game, each with a unique song.

13Where does bird call from afar Genshin?

Raku. I know that this one plays in Qingyun Peaks and Cuijue Slope in Liyue.

14Who composed Hu Tao’s theme?

Hu Tao’s Theme ~ Let The Living Beware (From “Genshin Impact”) by CRIMZUN on Amazon Music –

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