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Best Healer Genshin Impact 2022 (FAQ)

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1Who is the number 1 healer in Genshin?

#1 Bennett As Genshin Impact’s premier healer unit, Bennett does it all. He heals the team incredibly quickly with his Elemental Burst, Fantastic Voyage, along with providing a potent damage buff while in its radius.

2Who is the strongest healer in Genshin Impact?

Kokomi and Bennett are the best Genshin Impact healers Kokomi and Bennett are far and away the best healers in all of Genshin Impact. The first is honorary archon Bennett. The four-star unit is already one of the best supports in Genshin Impact thanks to Fantastic Voyage.

3Is Jean or Qiqi better?

Qiqi gives godly amounts of healing, and. that’s it. Qiqi is better for just healing, Jean is good too but she isn’t like super good, she’s like good at everything but doesn’t excel at anything. Qiqi just heals really well, but thats about it.

4Is Kokomi the best healer in Genshin?

The best Genshin Impact Kokomi build Kokomi’s main strength is as a healer who can also apply Hydro to enemies using her Bake-Kurage jellyfish turrets and her Nereid’s Ascension burst.

5Does Xingqiu heal?

Xingqiu’s Hydropathic passive means that his rain swords heal 6 percent of his HP when shattered, so if you want to increase healing potential you can also build HP. Using Xingqiu as a healer is a bit of a waste, though.

6Is Barbara or Qiqi better?

Barbara makes your team immobile at cryo and electro areas, although Barbara has the greatest amounts of healing overall. Never combine Qiqi and Barbara (as you might freeze your team alive), but its good to combine either of them with Bennett and another Pyro character (like Klee or Diluc.

7Is Ayaka a healer?

Ayaka is a sword-wielding cryo character. We recommend you use her in a main or sub DPS role, alongside Genshin Impact’s Diona for additional elemental mastery and heals, and Genshin Impact’s Kazuha for some additional damage.

8Is Qiqi the best healer?

Although Qiqi is one of the best healers, her kit pretty much cages her into that role. Her Cryo application isn’t entirely reliable for battle so she’s relegated as just a healer unlike other Healer characters that can also sub-dps or support. Qiqi also provide low energy at 0 Constellation.

9Is Kuki Shinobu a healer?

Kuki Shinobu’s kit makes her a strong healer and Electro enabler.

10Who heals more Qiqi or Kokomi?

While Kokomi adds to the lineup of adorable Genshin Impact characters, both Barbara and Qiqi are better at everything she is supposed to do. Kokomi is designed to be a healer who also deals damage in Genshin Impact.

11Is Barbara better than Sayu?

Compared to Barbara, Sayu has better per hit healing with her burst than Barbara has with her elemental skill. On the other hand, Barbara does just beat Sayu in terms of immediate healing with her elemental burst; this effectively puts the two on near equal footing as far as healing potential is concerned.

12Is Barbara better than Kokomi?

Barbara is famously known to be a weak DPS unit that cannot take on that role at all. However, Kokomi’s design leaves room for some DPS potential against weaker elements. Sadly, the end results also turned out to favor Barbara instead of Kokomi as she struggled heavily to take down enemies.

13Is Yae Miko good?

Yae Miko is an excellent sub-DPS for your team. Her Elemental Skill allows her to place three Sesshou Sakura, each one striking nearby opponents five times. The initial level for an individual Sesshou Sakura is 1.

14Is ganyu a healer?

Playing as a DPS Having a healer to deal with the blows that Ganyu takes can help her stay on the field for much longer, especially when fighting bosses.

15Can Kaeya heal?

Every hit with Frostgnaw regenerates HP for Kaeya equal to 15% of ATK. Enemies Frozen by Frostgnaw will drop additional Elemental Particles.

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