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Can You Buy Dandelion Seeds Genshin Impact? (Fact Checked)

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1Is it possible to buy Dandelion Seeds?

Unlike some of the other Mondstadt specialties though, Dandelion Seeds cannot be bought from traders. We need to explore the wild to get them.

2Do Dandelions Respawn Genshin Impact?

These flowers will respawn each day, making them the best farming spot for the flowers. Inside a temple near and right outside the city.

3How long does it take for Dandelions to Respawn Genshin Impact?

Farming Dandelion Seeds can be very time-consuming; Dandelions aren’t the most common flower in the game and have relatively few spawn points compared to most flowers. Also, since it is a local specialty, the Dandelions take three days to respawn.

4Where can I buy dandelion Genshin?

Dandelion Plants can be found in the Mondstadt region’s wild, but normally you can find them at the Mondstadt city gate, but the place to find them is west from the Dawn Winery; you’ll have to go over a body of water scale the cliffs, and that’s the area where you find loads of Dandelions!

5Does anyone in Mondstadt sell Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds can be found all around the Mondstadt region, as they are a Mondstadt local specialty. They need to be harvested from Dandelion Plants, which grow all around the Mondstadt.

6How do I collect Dandelion Seeds?

In order to harvest dandelion seeds, you need to use an anemo attack, then grab them as they’re floating in the air. There are 53 dandelion seed locations, and they tend to respawn roughly every 48 hours.

7How do you farm Dandelions?

Dandelions can be sown outdoors four to six weeks before the last spring frost. Sow seed directly into the ground—once they’ve sprouted above the soil, thin them so they’re 6 to 8 inches apart. Dandelions readily reseed themselves, but often in places where you’d rather they didn’t grow.

8Where can I find Dandelions?

Dandelions grow on lawns, in gardens, parks, meadows, pastures, and disturbed areas. While dandelions prefer the coolness of the shade, they will still thrive in hotter locations with direct sunlight.

9How do Dandelion Seeds Respawn?

Dandelion Seeds respawn 1~2 days after you collect them.

10What is Mondstadt based off of?


11How do you get seeds in Genshin?

How to Get Seeds. Once you have the Seed Dispensary Gadget, you’ll occasionally get seeds whenever you harvest a plant. The seeds will be for the type of plant you just picked up. After you’ve obtained any given seed you’re also able to purchase some from the Creatures of the Realm section in the Realm Depot.

12Where can I buy Dandelions in Teyvat?

The large circle in the southwestern portion of the map has the highest concentration of Dandelion Seed in the game, and it should be where you go if you need a great deal of it.

13How many Dandelions are in Teyvat?

If Genshin Impact players know their way around Teyvat, they can easily collect 30+ Dandelion Seeds in approximately five minutes. If players want to know the specific locations of every Dandelion Seed (among other resources), they should consult this interactive map.

14How do I farm dandelions Genshin?

East of Stone Gate Take a look above you and you’ll see two cliffs jutting out. You can loop around to the north, climb up some walls, and on top of the first plateau. This will let you reach the opposite rock formation. From there, just roam around and pick up all the Dandelion Seeds that are nearby.

15Can you grow dandelions?

You can harvest the blooms and leaves for salad and sautéed dishes, and the roots can be used to make tea. Plus, dandelions grow quickly in many different types of climates, making them an easy choice to grow in your garden.

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