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Can You Delete Genshin Impact Account Ps4? (Expert Answers)

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1Can you reset Genshin on PS4?

Yes, it is possible to reroll your Genshin Impact PS4 account, but it’s a lot more of a drawn out process than on PC. All progress you make in the game is tied to your PSN account, so that means you will have to create a fresh account in order to make it work. There’s no way to reroll on your current account.

2How do I delete my Genshin Impact account?

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– Step 1: Log in to Your Account. The first step is to go to the Genshin Impact website and log in to your account.
– Step 2: Go to Your Account Settings.
– Step 3: Go to Account Security Settings and Delete.
– Step 4: Verify Your Account and Complete Deletion.

3How do I delete save data on Genshin Impact?

Since you can’t delete your save data or reset it in any way, you have to create a brand new account if you want to re-roll.

4Can I start over in Genshin Impact?

If you’re not happy with your starting squad in Genshin Impact, you can start all over with a reroll. A popular concept in other gacha games, rerolling is possible in Genshin Impact, but can be tedious.

5How do you delete your account on PS4?

Go to Settings > Login Settings > User Management > Delete User. Select the user account to remove > Delete.

6How do I delete Genshin Impact account on PS5?

If you really want to delete your Genshin Impact progress, message miHoYo on either [email protected] or [email protected] with the email that’s connected to your miHoYo account. Write down your reason for deleting this account, along with your player name so they know that you’re serious and be patient.

7Can you delete a miHoYo account?

Log in a second time on You can also try going here directly. Click on Account Security Settings in the left-hand menu. Click on Delete Account in the bottom right corner.

8How do I remove Genshin from my device?

A6: Travelers can log in to their miHoYo Account and go to Account Management > Login Devices to view and delete devices. After deleting a device, a verification code will be required the next time that you log in to the game on that device.

9Can you have multiple Genshin Impact accounts on PS4?

Each PSN account can only be linked to one email address, and likewise, each miHoYo account can only be linked to one PSN account. After linking, players will still be able to use their PSN account to log in to Genshin Impact on PlayStation.

10Can I merge two Genshin Impact accounts?

What if I’ve played Genshin on both? There is some bad news for those who already have progress on PlayStation and another device — you can’t link the two active accounts. You will basically have to pick one or the other or abandon the idea of linking altogether.

11Can you link miHoYo account to PS4?

Log into Genshin Impact on your PlayStation 4 or 5. Go to Settings, then choose Account and click on User Center. From there, hit Link Account. Enter your email to create a miHoYo account and link your PSN to it.

12Can you reroll Genshin PS4?

Well, unfortunately, you cannot perform rerolls on PS4. This is because Genshin Impact is linked to the PSN account that you’re using. In theory, you could create a new PSN account and then perform the rerolls, but you probably aren’t prepared to go through this; hardly anyone is.

13Is there a way to reset Genshin Impact?

Players can reroll by restarting the game from the very beginning and achieving Adventurer Rank 5, which unlocks Wishes. Then, players can use a Wish to try to obtain a better character. The best characters have 5-star ratings, but the RNG for obtaining one is incredibly low.

14How do you restart a PS4 game?

At the opening menu, choose Options menu. When in the Options menu, choose Game Settings. In the Game Settings screen you will see an option to Reset Save Data at the bottom of the screen.

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