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Clash Royale Best Giant Skeleton Deck

Is Giant in clash royale good?
The Giant is very effective when used as a shield for other troops due to his great Elixir to health ratio. He can soak up the damage of enemy troops while other supporting units or the Crown Tower(s) behind the Giant deal damage to them.

Is witch or wizard better Clash Royale?
The wizard has a high damage per second and a large damage radius. On the other hand, the witch with lower damage per second has the ability to spawn skeletons. The wizard deals with air troops more effectively since the witch’s skeletons won’t be able to deal damage to air.

Did Clash Royale nerf the giant skeleton?
In the interest of changing the meta and making mid-range attacks more viable, we are doing a chunky nerf to these 3 Death Bombs. Giant Skeleton, with the most iconic (read: annoying) bomb, gets a Damage buff to 1-hit Princess and Dart Goblin, making him less likely to be distracted.

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Which skeleton is best in Clash Royale?

Skeletons are tied with Bats as the most frail and least damaging troops in Clash Royale, with only 108 hitpoints and damage per hit at level 14, and 32 hitpoints and damage per hit at level-

Is Giant Skeleton any good?

Giant Skeleton is a very strong defensive unit But, this is a good thing, because we all want him to die (sorry bro). A well dropped Giant Skeleton’s Bomb can easily decimate a push as well as kill all support troops nearby.

Is the giant skeleton a giant Clash Royale?

The Giant Skeleton is the third temporary troop that comes from Clash Royale, after Ice Wizard and Battle Ram. It’s one of the two temporary troops from Clash Royale that prioritize defenses in Clash of Clans but doesn’t only attack buildings in Clash Royale, the other is the Ice Wizard.

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Did Mega Knight get a Nerf?

Mega Knight (Nerf) With this nerf, player will need to time their deployment a bit more carefully; and consider adding more support cards in order to counter an opponent’s push. Note: only spawn damage is adjusted โ€” his other stats are untouched!

Which one is better in Clash Royale witch or giant skeleton?

Giant skeleton is good for tanking and destroying and witch is good for swarming. In a 1v1, The Giant skeleton die and its bomb will explode some skeleton and maybe the witch. It depends. If theyre a few tiles away, then the witch has the advantage.

Is Giant in Clash Royale good?

The giant is your main win condition and is a great card to pressure the opposite lane if your opponent plays a golem, hound or even another giant. The mega minion and musketeer are good support cards especially if you have used them on defence and then go on a counter push.

What skeleton is the best in Clash Royale?

– Skeleton King Royal Giant Mother Witch.
– Skeleton King Barrel bait.
– Super Witch Skeleton King Graveyard.
– Skeleton King Mortar Miner.
– Skeleton King Splash yard.
– Skeleton King Mortar Skarrel Zap bait.
– Skeleton King PEKKA Loon Freeze.
– Skeleton King Gob Giant Sparky Rage.

Is the giant skeleton good Clash Royale?

Giant Skeleton is a very strong defensive unit On defense, we usually use tanks to soak damage while small troops behind are dealing damage to take out attackers. Giant Skeleton can be used to finish both of these jobs.

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Did supercell buff giant?

Well, it’s happening. Clash Royale underwent a maintenance break today to give the Electro Giant a much-needed buff. Supercell that the Giant โ€œfelt a bit squishy,โ€ it is getting a 12.5 percent increase to his hitpoints.

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