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Clash Royale Best Healer Deck

How do you defend elixir golems?

How do you counter a Golem deck?

Does the elixir Golem give your opponent elixir?
Elixir Golem is the subject of 3 Emotes. It is the first card that can provide the opponent with additional Elixir and the second that can give a player extra Elixir.

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How do you defend a Golem push?

Start a push on the other lane Starting a heavy push on the other lane will cause you opponent to use their supports that were originally intended to support the golem. If you have defensive troops and/or spells like fireball, arrows, poison, or lightning, then you’ll get the crown first.

How do you counter elixir?

– Barbarian Hut and Bomb Tower stop it completely, with Barbarian Hut remaining on the field to spawn more Barbarians after the Elixir Golem is dead.
– Fisherman can pull the first Elixir Golem into the King Tower, but you’ll only want to do this once per match.

How do you defend elixir golems?

Playing in Single Elixir: Against the regular Golem, use Elixir Golem as a punish play with apt support. Make them do defending and not have enough elixir to help out their tank, but do NOT overcommit. Use something like a Mini PEKKA on defence to deal with the Golem.

Did battle healer get a buff?

Battle Healer and Royal Ghost, on the other hand, received slight buffs. Supercell introduced the balance changes that will shift the meta in Clash Royale season 16, Shocktober, earlier today.

How do you beat elixir Golem healer?

A better way is to sacrifice a portion of your Tower health. Wait for their troop to lock onto your Tower, then defeat them faster with something like a Night Witch. You can then counter push with Elixir Golem with the full health troop, which is a lot more threatening compared to a lone Elixir Golem used for kiting.

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