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Clash Royale Best Hog Rider Deck

Is Battle RAM good?
Now, coming to Battle Ram, Battle Ram is a good card to use here because it is a good tank for the swarms and barrels as well as it can bait-out Zap and The Log because these two spells are used to reset its charge. Not seen much though, people prefer Miner and Hog Rider more in this archetype.

What is-6 hog cycle?-6 Hog cycle is a deck that relies mostly on player skill rather than card strength. Individually, none of the cards is strong, but together, you can win many matchups with ease once you have mastered it.

Is Hog rider good Clash Royale?
Hog rider is just a great offensive card to catch people off guard. Just spam the hog at the bridge whenever the enemy has the counter out of rotation or low in elixir.- Hog cycle is a very reactive deck and you can use all the other cards to quickly defend after throwing a hog in the opposite lane.

Related Questions

How do you defend against the hog cycle?

Against Hog Lightning decks, you need a good defensive troop + building: The building is for baiting, the defensive unit is for killing the Hog. Place the building, wait for the Lightning then place your defensive troop down!

Is-6 hog cycle high skill?

This is a high skill cap deck but once you master it you are able to beat any match up in the game. You should always aim to get good value from your cycle cards, particularly ice spirit and skeletons on defence.

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Is Hog rider or battle ram better?

The battle ram have, in total, more health than the hog rider. This makes it more tankier and can survive longer and deal more damage. Battle ram has overall more damage potential because of the charge damage and then the barbarians spawn with 318 damage per hit together which is more than the hog rider.

How do you counter Mega Knight with a-6 hog cycle?

Is-6 HOG still good?

-6 Hog Cycle is the most stable archetype in the whole game, it stood the test of time and now is a great free to play friendly deck and once you master the micro interactions you can easily hit a new PB every season.

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