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Clash Royale Best Night Witch Deck

Did night witch get nerfed?
So she got a whopping 7 nerfs overall! With 3 at the first update .

What is the strongest Clash Royale card?
– Inferno Dragon. “Shoots a focused beam of fire that increases in damage over time.
– Mega Knight. “He lands with the force of 1,000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage.
– Zap.
– P.E.K.K.A.
– Hog Rider.
– Prince.
– Tesla.
– Valkyrie.

Is Witch good in Clash Royale?
Although the Witch deals notably less damage and DPS than the Wizard, she is generally more reliable on defense as a lone unit due to her Skeleton spawns and higher hitpoints.

Related Questions

What is better night witch or witch?

The Night Witch has better summons because of their very fast movement and ability to target both air and ground units. The witch is better if you need to stop tanks like pekka or giant skeleton because her skeletons can distract them. Night Witch wins because of her bats’ counter potential!

Is Night Witch a good card in Clash Royale?

The Night Witch can be used to effectively counter the Graveyard since her Bats can quickly defeat the Skeletons. Conversely, it is also a great synergy with Graveyard. The Night Witch will tank for the Graveyard, while the Skeletons and Bats deal massive damage while staying relatively spread out.

What is the Night Witch golem deck?

The Golem Night Witch Lightning deck is a heavy beatdown deck which becomes powerful once you hit double elixir. Make sure you can defend before hitting double elixir.

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What is the difference between witch and wizard?

Gender-based titles. Wizard and warlock usually refer to a male, while witch can refer to any gender but is more often ascribed towards women.

Who beats the witch in Clash Royale?

Fireball or Poison combined with any other 2 Elixir spell will take out the Witch as well. If she is beside other troops or a Crown Tower, the negative Elixir trade will be made up for in splash value or chip damage respectively. The Witch is powerful in countering a Mini P.E.K.K.A.

What’s better witch or wizard?

The wizard would be a better counter to spawner decks with it’s longer range and higher area damage. The witch with lower statistics isn’t worse than the wizard since it has the ability to spawn skeletons. The witch can’t kill swarms that fast but can kill ground tanks(eg.

How do you counter the Witch Wizard in clash Royale?

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