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Clash Royale Best Rage Battle Deck

What is the best deck for giant rage?
The best combination is the Giant + Rage + Skeleton Army. If placed on the right time it can take down any building in seconds. The Arrows should always be ready to protect the Giant. If you manage to drop a Musketeer behind the Giant during the attack – you’re golden.

What is the number 1 best deck in Clash Royale?
– Goblin Barrel.
– Electro Spirit.
– Goblin Gang.
– Knight.
– The Log.
– Princess.
– Rocket.
– Tesla.

Does Rage spell stack in rage challenge?
Rage effect stacks with the Rage spell and Lumberjack’s rage! Yes, you can rage the raged units! Try including the spell or Lumberjack in the deck too for the ultimate speed.

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What is the best deck in COC?

– Mini P.E.K.K.A.
– Mega Knight.
– Miner.
– Minions.
– Musketeer.
– Royal Delivery.
– Wall Breakers.
– Zap.

Does upgrading rage in clash Royale do anything?

The Rage card is unlocked from the Serenity Peak (Arena 14). It is a spell that temporarily increases the attack speed and movement speed of troops and buildings by 35% in the spell’s area of effect. It is a deep purple potion packed in a large bottle. It is the same as that spawned by the Lumberjack.

How do you beat the Ram Rider Challenge?

Know her counters! Ram Rider is not only the strongest card in your deck, but also in your opponent’s deck! Try to include at least 2 cards which can counter the Ram Rider. Keep track of the opponent’s hand and make sure you have one counter ready at all times.

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