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Clash Royale Best Triple Elixir Challenge Deck

Which Clash Royale card is the strongest?
– Inferno Dragon. “Shoots a focused beam of fire that increases in damage over time.
– Mega Knight. “He lands with the force of 1,000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage.
– Zap.
– P.E.K.K.A.
– Hog Rider.
– Prince.
– Tesla.
– Valkyrie.

How do you win the draft challenge?
Picking a win condition is the most important move in draft matches. This will decide how easy it is to take down the opponent’s towers. Always pick at least one win condition If you have the chance (Giant, Miner, Hog Rider, Graveyard, Goblin Barren, Lava Hound, Golem, 3 Musketeers, etc).

What is the number 1 best deck in Clash Royale?
– Floor is Healing 3M Loon Sparky.
– Floor is Healing EG Healer Archer Queen.
– Super Witch Electro Giant Sparky.
– Super Witch Golden Knight Miner.
– Super Witch Skeleton King Graveyard.

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How do you win the double elixir draft challenge?

How do you win the double elixir draft challenge?

– Always pick at least one win condition!
– Pick one of these cards If possible.
– Pick a direct damage spell.
– Keep your deck cheap but not too cheap otherwise you will need to play with 10 fingers.
– Make sure most of your cards are well rounded.
– Don’t forget pocket card!

What is the hardest deck to play Clash Royale?

The-6 Hog Cycle deck is probably one of the most mechanically demanding decks in Clash Royale. Taking on the challenge of mastering it will bring you loads of trophies and satisfaction, as you learn to beat and rotate against different types of decks.

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