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Clash Royale Deck 4000 Trophies

What is considered good trophies in Clash Royale?
Currently at 4000 trophies. Personal best is 4051. Clash Royale has become tough after the inclusion of some powerful cards. Nowadays even crossing 3500 is tough.

Can you get 5000 trophies?
Additional Arenas mean additional rewards on the road that you will be able to collect! The Leagues now start at 5000 trophies, and the more you climb, the less you’ll get reset at the end of a season.

How do you get high trophies in Clash Royale?

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How do you cheat on clash Royale?

What is the highest league in Clash Royale?

Clash Royale features three leagues, after reaching 5000 trophies, that are further divided into sub-divisions. Altogether, there are 10 leagues in the game. The lowest league is Challenger I (5000 trophies) and the highest is Ultimate Champion (8000+ trophies).

Is 5000 trophies good in clash Royale?

You will be able to climb back while collecting the new rewards. If you reset above or exactly at 5000 trophies, you’re still in the Leagues, and you will be able to climb even higher than before during this season! So aim high! For King Level 11 players and beyond, you can now find the Gold Crates in your Chest cycle.

Is legendary Arena a league?

Above Legendary Arena are Leagues. It’s still Legendary Area and still offers the same size chest. The new Arena 11 chests offer 8% more cards compared to the lower Arena.

Can you go under 4000 trophies?

Once you hit 4000+ Trophies, Trophy Gates do not exist. You can drop Leagues but you will never drop below 4000 Trophies (Legendary Arena).

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