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Clash Royale Deck Mega Knight

How do you use Mega Knight?
বাংলাপজ করুনEnglishPauseMega Knight deals ground splash damage, so he is weak against air troops like Minion Horde and high HP Point damage troops like Knight. So, basically you need cards which cover his weaknesses. MK + Hog Rider is one of the strongest hog combo in the game at the moment.

What defeats Mega Knight?
The P.E.K.K.A. is a very effective, and arguably its hard-counter to the Mega Knight, as her high damage per second and high hitpoints allow her to defeat the Mega Knight 1-on-1 even without a Princess Tower helping. It can also wreck the Mega Knight’s support cards, save for air troops.

What deck beats mega Knight?
Pekka is a very good counter to Mega knight in any deck or arena. It is a heavy hitter and takes a few seconds to kill the Mega Knight. It has 816 damage at level 11 and it would take 5 hits on a Mega knight with full health to kill it.

Related Questions

How do you counter a mega Knight?

Knights or similar tank units like Golems or a Mini P.E.K.K.A. are also a great way to counter a rogue Mega Knight. By placing the Knight directly in front of the enemy Mega Knight, you stop it from jumping. Due to the Knight’s tankiness, it can survive for long enough to allow your other units to kill the enemy.

How do you counter Mega Knight and electro wizard?

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