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Clash Royale Deck Mother Witch

How do you beat Mother Witch challenge?

Is the mother witch good?
The Mother Witch is good against swarm units because she has a fairly fast attack speed and can easily take them out and curse all of them to create a huge army of Cursed Hogs.

Is the Witch a good card in Clash Royale?
Although the Witch deals notably less damage and DPS than the Wizard, she is generally more reliable on defense as a lone unit due to her Skeleton spawns and higher hitpoints.

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How do you counter mother witch in Clash Royale?

Which Clash Royale card is the best?

– Inferno Dragon. β€œShoots a focused beam of fire that increases in damage over time.
– Mega Knight. β€œHe lands with the force of 1,000 mustaches, then jumps from one foe to the next dealing huge area damage.
– Zap.
– P.E.K.K.A.
– Hog Rider.
– Prince.
– Tesla.
– Valkyrie.

Which is the best witch in Clash Royale?

– Wicked Witch.
– Golem Double Witch Beatdown.
– Wall Breaker-Miner Cycle.
– EG Double Witch Miner.
– Giant-Witch-Graveyard.

What is the number 1 best deck in Clash Royale?

– Goblin Barrel.
– Electro Spirit.
– Goblin Gang.
– Knight.
– The Log.
– Princess.
– Rocket.
– Tesla.

What does the mother witch do?

Mother Witch is a 4 Elixir Legendary Card that has a unique CURSE ability. A ranged attacker, Mother Witch places a CURSE on each enemy Troop that she hits. When a CURSED enemy is destroyed, it turns into a Cursed Hog that fights for the Mother Witch! Cursed Hogs target buildings and Crown Towers, dealing Damage.

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