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Clash Royale Deck With Elite Barbarians

Are barbarians or Elite Barbarians better?
Comparing to Barbarians, Elite Barbarians have a better balance of attack speed and DPS. The DPS distribution of Barbarians can be undesirable in some situations. Barbarians have a relatively slow attack speed (1.5s). They are unable to 1 hit Goblins.

What are Barbarians good for clash Royale?
The Barbarians together have high damage and can make short work of a tower before the opponent stops them. They are very effective at defeating enemy tanks due to their numbers (5 of them), high combined damage, and ability to tank most spells.

How do you deal with elite Barbarians?
– Skeleton Army: Skeleton Army can completely shut down lone Elite Barbarians.
– Tombstone.
– Ice Spirit + Fire Spirits.
– Guards: Very effective with the shields.
– Valkyrie: She can’t solo kill them but with the help of the Crown Towers, she can take them out.

Related Questions

Are elite barbarians good in clash Royale?

Elite Barbarians are most reliable as a defensive card turned into a threating counterattack, especially against tanks and troops that are easily shredded by a pair of Elite Barbarians, like a Musketeer. This allows them to push for a lower cost than if they were just played at the bridge.

Why are elite Barbarians so popular?

The very fast speed of elite barbs makes them more relevant on offense and pursuing troops on defense. Regular barbs often just feel too slow. Obviously, combined with their melee range and squishy health, this makes their potential very limited on offense.

What cards go well with elite Barbarians?

The P.E.K.K.A., Royal Recruits and Mega Knight are good counters to Elite Barbarians, although resulting in a negative Elixir trade.

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Why are elite barbarians so popular?

The elite barbs are faster and harder to distract than both of those two on offense as well as defense. If you’re playing defensive cards on offense without creating a counterpush, and are playing them into the best defensive cards in the game, you’re doing it wrong.

Are elite barbs a win condition?

Elite Barbarians: Elite Barbarians can be used as a back-up win condition if the hog cannot get to the tower. However, elite barbarians are a high risk high reward card, so it is better if they are used on defense, since they have loads of counters.

Is Barbarians a good card in clash Royale?

The Barbarians are a great option to use against enemy troops such as tanks and medium size pushes as the Barbarians have a moderate amount of hitpoints and damage, and are perfect for attacks with other tanks.

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