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Clash Royale Decks With Sparky

Is Lava hound a good win condition?
Lava Hound: This is your main and only win condition in this deck. It is also your tankiest unit and the unit that deals the least damage in one attack. Use it effectively and wisely.

How do you tackle Sparky?

What cards work well with Sparky?
Card Roles Electro Wizard: Help support the Sparky in it push by shooting at the opponents troops. He works well against Elite Barbarians. Sparky: The main damaging unit; must be supported by rest of deck. Arrows: Used for dealing with swarms such as Skeleton Army and Minion Horde to keep the Sparky focused.

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What clash Royale cards work well together?

– Hog Rider and Freeze. The Hog Rider / Freeze combo is one of the most common and infuriating partnerships found in Clash Royale, because it’s super effective.
– Balloon and Freeze.
– Rocket and Huts.
– Giant and Wizard / Dragon.
– Prince and Valkyrie.
– Prince and Dark Prince.
– Elixir Collector and Mortar.
– Hog Rider and Goblins.

What are the 3 best Cards in Clash Royale?

–3- Valkyrie.
–4- Tesla.
–5- Prince.
–6- Hog Rider.
–7- P.E.K.K.A.
–8- Zap.
–9- Mega Knight.
–10- Inferno Dragon.

What do you use electro giants for?

The Electro Giant synergizes well with Tornado. This is handy for ranged troops that stay outside his “zap” area that can be pulled in to stun the troops.

What cards work best together Clash Royale?

– Witch and Skeleton Army.
– Valkyrie and Inferno Dragon.
– Knight and Barbarian Barrel.
– Valkyrie and Hog Rider.
– Battle Healer and Elixr Golem.
– Firecracker and Ice Golem.
– Hunter and Skeletons.
– Bomb Tower and Royal Delivery.

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Is Sparky a win condition?

Card Roles Sparky: The win condition. Also can be used on defense.

How do you beat Mega Knight Sparky?

Is Sparky a good card in clash Royale?

When fully upgraded, she deals the 2nd highest damage per hit of any card in the game, at 1,760 damage. This is second only to the 1,967 damage of the max-level Rocket. The Sparky has the highest damage per hit out of any troop card in the game.

How do you tackle Sparky?

In my opinion, Zap and Freeze are the best counters! These cards are your best bets while playing against Sparky. Both them can stop and reset Sparky’s charge and Sparky will have to charge for 5 more seconds. Personally I have found that Freeze is extremely help at dealing with Sparky pushes.

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