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Elden Ring How To Reach Ainsel River?

How do you get to the Ainsel River? The first way to enter Ainsel River, is through the well elevator located in Liurnia. It’s the same type of structure as what you use to enter lower Siofra River, and can also be accessed at any time regardless of progression (after you reach Liurnia).

How do I get to Ansel River Main? Head to the tower to the north, Renna’s Rise (Renna, not Ranni). Climb the ladder inside to find the Snow Witch armor set inside a chest. Continue to the top, and you’ll find a Waygate that teleports you to Ansel River Main.

How do I get to Ainsel river Main without ranni? Another way to reach here without progressing Ranni’s quest is from a coffin in the northwestern section of Deeproot Depths (see it on the Elden Ring Map here). The main, northern body of the Ainsel River. Two great rivers flow beneath the Lands between, the Siofra and the Ainsel.

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Elden Ring How To Reach Ainsel River

Intro & Ranni Quest Reward showcase – Dark Moon Greatsword. …
1: Talk to Renna at the Church of Elleh. …
2: How To Start Ranni Side Quest. …
3: Complete Ranni mini task of talking to 3 phantoms within Ranni’s Rise. …
4: Goto Siofra River well & talk to Blaidd (If he isnt there for you, just progress forward)

How do you get ansil River map?

The Ainsel River map fragment is found in the center of the Uhl Palace Ruins, past a giant ant colony, you reach after leaving the Ainsel River Well Depths site of grace. If you’ve not reached this region, you can access it via the Ainsel River Well directly west of the Church of Vows in Liurnia, home of Pope Turtle.

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Where is ranni in Ainsel River?

It’s located beneath Liurnia of the Lakes in the upper west section of the world map, and as such, it can be accessed from the Ainsel River Well in that zone. The Ainsel River Well is only one of the locations from which you’ll be able to access the Ainsel River, but the way this zone is set up can be confusing.

How do I get to deep Ainsel well?

The Deep Ainsel Well’s exit point is found at the Moonlight Altar plateau, high above in southern Liurnia of the Lakes. You can reach it by navigating through the underground Lake of Rot, defeating Astel, Naturalborn of the Void, and going up the lift found north of his boss arena.

Where is ranni Elden ring?

In the center of the Cathedral of Manus Celes, there is a hole in the floor you can descend through. Inside you’ll find Ranni and some very dead fingers. Then, you’ll initiate a cutscene where you slip the Dark Moon Ring onto her very alive finger.

How many bosses are in Ainsel River?

Elden Ring Ainsel River is a region, and we recommend you be around level 50 ~ 75.Elden Ring Ainsel River Boss Locations.

Where is the merchant at Ainsel River?

Wandering Merchant In Ainsel River Merchant can be found near the coast of the Ainsel River. To get to this merchant, teleport to Eastern Tableland and make your way to the Ainsel River well. Make your way inside the cave to reach the ruins. Head deep inside the ruins to find this merchant near the campfire.

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Where is the merchant in Ainsel River?

Hermit Merchants sell various items and equipment including Consumables, Materials, Weapons and Armor as well as notes containing hints on how to acquire certain items. This Hermit Merchant can be found in the far end of a large stone ruin in south-western Ainsel River.

Where do I take mini ranni?

Ainsel River Main Site

How do you do the ranni quest?


How do I talk to tiny ranni?

Once players arrive at the Ainsel River Main Site of Grace, they simply need to rest at the same. While resting, an option will appear that allows players to speak to the Miniature Ranni doll. Select the option ‘talk to miniature Ranni’ and nothing will happen. Exit the Site of Grace, return, and rest at it once more.

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