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Find Barrier Genshin Impact (Expert Answers)

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1How do you find the barrier in Genshin Impact?

A lot of players are wondering where they can find the barrier in Genshin Impact. Once you have scanned the fox statues with Memento lens and recited the sacred words in the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual quest, you will be able to the barrier.

2How do you find the barrier in sacrificial offering Genshin?

Players will need to make their way to the final barrier of the quest, which can be found in a cave nearby the shrines. Players will need a special key to unlock the gate, which can be found by completing the quest A Strange Story in Konda. Players can also find an Electroculus inside once they open the gate.

3How do I get through the barrier in Genshin Impact Inazuma?

The only way to enter Thunder Barriers is by summoning an Electrogranum powerful enough to pass through the Barrier with! As long as you’re accompanied by an Electrogranum, you can pass through without damage from Thunderstones.

4Where is the barrier Genshin Impact abandoned shrine?

Upon finishing your investigation at the abandoned shrine, it’s time to find the barrier in a cave to the South of the Grand Narakumi Shrine, and to the North of a nearby small lake. However, before heading here, we recommend you return to Kond Village. Once back here, go under the town’s well.

5How do I get to the barrier in chinju forest?

Genshin Impact Chinju Forest barrier | How to destroy Chinju Forest barrier. As with other barriers in the cleansing ritual, you’ll need to interact with a series of lanterns and set the correct number of marks over them to destroy the barrier.

6Where is the barrier in chinju forest?

To reach the location of the barrier, players need to head towards the east of the Loroi statue. Upon reaching the area, a cutscene will trigger automatically, revealing the exact spot of the barrier. For those unaware, the barrier can be found in the cliffside cavern.

7How do you break the barrier in sacrificial offering?

Genshin Impact destroy the barrier | Sacrificial Offering.
– The initial lantern should have one mark.
– The lantern directly in front of it should have two marks.
– The other lanterns should have three marks each.

8Where is the barrier in the Grand Narukami shrine?

To go to the cave below the Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact, you have to follow the quest marker to the shrine, and then go down the cliff on the northeastern side. The entrance to the cave is pretty far down the cliff side, and when you get there, you’ll encounter a purple barrier that blocks the entrance.

9How do you break the barrier in Tatarasuna Genshin?

Once three locations of Mikage Furnace are inspected, Xavier will show another three areas but of Kamuijima Cannon. Players will use these cannons to destroy the barrier surrounding Tatarasuna in Genshin Impact.

10How do you break the barrier under Narukami shrine?

11Where is the barrier in Kamisato Estate?

It’s the tiny, circular island to the northeast of Kamisato Estate. At least, that’s where the barrier’s core is. The fox statue is below the estate, near the waterfall area. So, interact with the mirror there and then get into your Waverider.

12Where is the barrier Sakura cleansing?

The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Araumi Go inside the stone tower ruin and use the Memento Lens on the Kitsune statues. Use it on another Kitsune below to get an Electrogranum and pass through the Electro Barrier. Infuse the fox statue with Electro and grab the ward.

13How do you destroy the barrier near Chinju Forest?

How to destroy the barrier in Chinju Forest.
– Leave the first pillar (used for activating the puzzle) at 1.
– Set the pillar right behind the first pillar to 4.
– There is one pillar hidden in the corner of the cavern. Set it to 3.
– Finally, there is a pillar on each side of Tori Gate. Set both of them to 2.

14How do you remove a barrier in Genshin Impact?

To get rid off the Tatarasuna Barrier and unlock the Mikage Furnace, you have to complete the first Tatara Tales quest. You can begin the quest by teleporting to the waypoint in the middle of the Kujou Encampment in Kannazuka, and talking to Miyuki and Toranosuke.

15How do you destroy the barrier in Genshin chasm?

Players will need to destroy the Bedrock Keys in order to unlock Genshin Impact’s underground Chasm.How To Destroy The Bedrock Keys In Genshin Impact.
– Find a Geogranum rock.
– Destroy the rock and take the Geogranum.
– Bring the Geogranum to the Cage-Shaped Geo Formations.
– Hit the Cage in the direction of the Bedrock Key.

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