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Find Eggs Genshin Impact (Real Research)

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1Where are apples and eggs in Genshin Impact?

To find apples in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to head to the northeast of Mondstadt, in the region of the Stormbearer Mountains and Starfell Lake. This is the only area they’re available in the wild, but there are so many apple locations here that you should easily be able to gather what you need.

2How do you find bird eggs?

How to Identify Wild Bird Eggs.
– Size: Comparing the eggs to similar objects can help give an impression of size.
– Shape: Eggs come in many different shapes.
– Color: Different bird species lay different colors of eggs, ranging from pale and bland to bold, bright colors.

3How do you get Bird Egg in Genshin sushi?

The recipe for Bird Egg Sushi is obtainable from Shimura Kanbei in Shimura’s at Inazuma City, Inazuma. Depending on the quality, Bird Egg Sushi restores 8/9/10% of Max HP and an additional 800/1,000/1,200 HP to the selected character.

4How do I buy Draff eggs?

Draff is a hunter who sells eggs, fowls, and raw meat in Springvale. Players can teleport to the Springvale waypoint and look for Draff. After initiating a conversation with him, the option to purchase eggs will show up. Players can buy up to five eggs per day.

5Can u buy eggs in Genshin?

Players can purchase bird eggs from one vendor in the game: Draff from Springvale, Mondstadt. This hunter only sets up shop during the daylight hours, and he sells raw meat, fowl, and has a stock of 5 eggs per day at 200 of Genshin Impact’s main in-game currency called Mora.

6Can you buy bird eggs in Genshin?

You can buy bird eggs in Genshin Impact, but the most reliable way to find them will be, naturally, scavenging for them in the wilds of Teyvat.

7How do I find a nest?

Watch for birds carrying grass, twigs, plant down, and other nesting material and follow them. Once you locate a nest that is under construction, quickly back off! Disturbing birds at this time can cause them to move elsewhere. Also, be aware that some species build several “dummy” nests that are never actually used.

8What to do if you find an egg?

If you find an egg on the ground it may have been: Removed from the nest by a predator..
– If you find an egg on the ground, it is unbroken and you know where the nest is and can safely reach it, you can try to gently place it back in the nest (note that eggs are very fragile.)
– Do not “foster” eggs into another nest.

9What is a blue egg?

There are three breeds that lay blue eggs: Ameraucanas, Araucanas and Cream Legbars. The blue color is created by oocyanin, which is applied early in the laying process. The blue pigment goes right through the shell, unlike the brown pigment. So blue eggs are blue inside and out.

10How do you get Kokomi’s special dish?

Cook with Kokomi A Stunning Stratagem is a Character Specialty Dish, which means you can get it by cooking Bird Egg Sushi with Kokomi. You’ll also get it from the in-game mail on Kokomi’s birthday.

11Where can I buy sushi Genshin?

Kiminami Anna

12Is Draff a cat?

Draff is part of the Kätzlein Bloodline. He has brown hair, cat ears, a beard and a moustache. He carries a bow and an arrow.

13How do you get meat from Draff?

Buy from Vendor Draff in Springvale You can buy Raw Meat from Draff’s Shop in Springvale during the day. A piece of Raw Meat costs 240 Mora each, with a limit of 10 Raw Meats after every 24 hours at server reset. Draff’s shop is located near the the town’s pond. You can also buy Fowl, and Bird Eggs here.

14Where can I get a lot of meat in Genshin Impact?

Raw Meat Sources In Genshin Impact.
– Brightcrown Canyon. As previously mentioned, the primary way to get raw meat is to hunt animals, but there is one location that works exceptionally well for this.
– East Of Dunyu Ruins.
– Springvale.
– Southwest Of Qingce Village.
– Qingce Village.
– Tianqiu Valley.
– Starfell Lake.
– Stone Gate.

15Are Klee and albedo related?

Albedo and Klee aren’t blood-related, but Alice helped to take care of Albedo and asked that he think of Klee as his sister. The two have taken on a sibling-like relationship, and Albedo is close to Klee.

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