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Find Lotus Head Genshin Impact Daily Quest (Fact Checked)

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1Where are the Lotus Heads Genshin impact quest?

Lotus Head is located in Luhua Pool, Liyue Harbor, and Mt. Hulao.

2Where are the Lotus Heads Genshin impact Commission?

Where to Find Lotus Head in Genshin Impact (Locations & Farming Guide) The first way to obtain Lotus Head is to visit Luhua Pool because it is found in water bodies. Go to the locations in the wild near the lakes and rivers to find Lotus Heads in them. Mostly, they are available in the Liyue area.

3Where is Lotus Head in Springvale Genshin impact?

Tianheng, teleport to the waypoint to the west of Liyue Harbor, and for the area southwest of the Dawn Winery, either head to the Springvale or the waypoint to the west of Dawn Winery. The three circles above have the highest number of Lotus Heads in a location.

4Where can I farm Lotus Heads?

Luhua Pool

5Where can I find Lotus Heads in Liyue?

Liyue Harbor Lotus Heads grow in the pools just north of Liyue Harbor’s downtown area. Players should start at the northern Teleport Waypoint in the city, then head north as if they’re going to Bubu Pharmacy. The plants should be found along the way, on either side of the trail.

6Where are the seeds on a lotus?

Fresh lotus seeds are sold in the seed heads of the plant and eaten by breaking the individual seeds out of the cone-shaped head and removing the rubbery shell.

7How do I get to adeptus abode?

The only way to get to the Cloud Retainer’s floating abode is to solve a puzzle. You will need to located 3 bird statues and rotate them in the directon of the abode. The 3 statues are marked on the map above and are located on the highest points of the area around them. Interacting with the statues will turn them.

8Are Lotus Heads edible?

Almost all parts of a lotus are edible. 1.) SEEDS-The seeds from a lotus seed head can be eaten when they are green and they will have a sweet flavor and can be eaten like peas. If you wait until the seeds begin to turn brown, the seeds will have a nuttier taste.

9How do you get Primogems fast?

Here are some of the quick, easy, and best ways to farm and collect Primogems fast in Genshin Impact..
– Redeem Primogems Codes. Advertisement.
– Participate in Events.
– Get Primogems after Maintenance Period.
– Unlock Achievements.
– Daily Commissions.
– Complete In-Game Tutorials.
– Increase your Adventure Rank.
– Adventurer Handbook.

10What ingredient does xiangling want?


11Where is Jueyun chili and Lotus Head Genshin Impact?

Jueyun Chili can be found in Qingce Village. It is located to the north of Bishui Plain area.

12Where is the lotus flower in Genshin impact?

13How do you get Lily heads in Genshin impact?

To get straight to the point, you can find Lotus Heads in the pools of water that are in the Luhua Pool area, which is south of Cuijue Slope, East of Tianqiu Valley, and Northeast of Dunyu Ruins. The Lotus Heads should be laying around the small pools of water and can be easily spotted since they resemble lily pads.

14How long does it take for Lotus to Respawn Genshin?

24 hours

15Where can I buy Violetgrass?

Bubu Pharmacy

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