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Find Prince Genshin Impact Location (Real Research)

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1Where can I find Prince Genshin Impact?

Where to find Prince? After you’re done talking to Margaret, use your elemental sight (press the scroll wheel on PC) and you’ll see a trail leading away from her. Follow it and you’ll soon find the cat in one of the alleys of Mondstadt.

2Where is Prince in Jean’s story quest?

You can find Prince using the Elemental Sight. When using it, you should be able to see a trail of Anemo that will lead you to the cat.

3How do you lure Prince with fish Genshin Impact?

4Who is the prince in Genshin Impact?

Prince is a Black Cat owned by Margaret.

5How do you catch a Margarets cat?

Use Elemental Sight and follow the cat’s footprints. At the beginning he is behind the Cat’s Tail Tavern, then counterclockwise around the city. Your combat skills are replaced with new ones in order to capture Prince.

6Where is the Black Cat in Genshin?

Black Cat Habitat You can find the Black Cat in Mondstadt City.

7How do you complete the Jean Story quest?

– Ask Barbara about Jean’s condition.
– Go to the big “Symbol of Vennessa” tree. This is the large tree at Windrise.
– Hunt down the Abyss Order enemies. The story domain for this quest is “Hunt Down the Abyss Mage.”
– Return to Mondstadt and talk to Jean.
– Enter the Tavern.
– Go to the second-floor terrace and look for Jean.

8Do you get Klee from story quest?

A story quest at AR32 lets you try out the character, but a new trial to test out Klee will also be available to see if you want to spend your hard earned currency (in-game or otherwise) on trying to pick up this Pyro character.

9Why is Jean the dandelion Knight?

Jean is the older sister of the Favonius Church Deaconess Barbara Page. After Jean’s parents split apart, she took after her mother and was trained in the ways of knighthood befitting those of the noble Gunnhildr Clan of Mondstadt and achieved the title of Dandelion Knight at the age of 15.

10How old is Zhongli?

Around 6000 Years Old

11How do you catch Black Cat Genshin?

Not Captureable As Of The Moment Unfortunately, Black Cat cannot be captured using any methods available currently.

12How do you give Prince fish?

Simply get up to a roof, jump down and catch the cat as you do a slam attack. Press the button prompt to capture it immediately because you don’t want the naughty rascal of Mondstadt to escape again. Apart from these, you can try to lure Prince with some Fish.

13Can you crouch in Genshin Impact?

Follow is a gameplay mode of stealth during which the player’s objective is to follow an NPC without getting spotted by them or getting too far away from them. During this mode, the Elemental Skill will be replaced by a crouch function.

14What is the name of Margaret’s lost cat?

While Jean is ill from overwork, you’ve been tasked with handling some citizens’ commissions on her behalf.

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