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Find Radishes Genshin Impact Xiangling (Deep Research)

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1Where can I find a lot of Radish Genshin Impact?

The easiest way to get Radishes is to buy them from Chef Mao at the Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue Harbor. If you haven’t unlocked Liyue yet, you can find a lot of Radishes in the Dawn Winery area and Springvale. This method is the best way to get Radishes if you need them for the Marvelous Merchandise event.

2Where are radishes in Genshin Impact cooking showdown?

3Can you buy Radish in Genshin Impact?

Radishes can be purchased from two NPCs in Genshin Impact. Radishes can be purchased from Chef Mao and Shimura Kanbei, two NPCs that sell the plant.

4Where can I find xiangling ingredients?

Find Xiangling just south in Dawn Winery. Go the area marked on your map and gather the Lotus Heads found there. Head to the next area marked. You will see a cliff with the next ingredients.

5Where can I buy Radishes in Springvale?

Location #3 – Springvale The marker takes you towards a house, just off the shore of the lake. If you head to the right of the house, you’ll find some radishes in an open area.

6Where can I find Xiangling in Liyue?

Xiangling. One can find Xiangling at Wanmin Restaurant, which is east of the eastern Teleport Waypoint in Liyue Harbor. She is inside the restaurant right near her father.

7How do I complete the Xiangling quest?

8Can you buy Radish in Mondstadt?

However, identifying locations where Radishes can be found in bulk can solve most farming issues. Radish is an ingredient that can be found all over the map, in both Liyue and Mondstadt. Radish is also a purchasable good that can be bought from specific merchants.

9Can you buy vegetables in Genshin Impact?

Where To Buy Carrots In Genshin Impact. There is at least one location in Teyvat that you can visit in order to buy a bunch of carrots, up to ten per day. They cost 260 Mora each, making them expensive but handy in a pinch. All you have to do is head to Liyue Harbor.

10Where can I buy vegetables in Genshin?

You can purchase Carrot at Wanmin Restaurant in Liyue. Price is 230 (Depending on discount applied) Mora and you can buy up to 10.

11What special ingredient does Xiangling want?


12How do you get Xiangling meat?

You can get raw meat by killing wild boars. There’s a bunch of them in the forest behind Xianling, so you won’t really have to look too hard. Each one you kill should drop two pieces of raw meat, so you’ll need to hunt down two to get enough to finish the quest.

13How old is Xiangling?

Xiangling. Xiangling is a culinary prodigy. At the young age of 14 years old, Xianling is the waitress and head chef of the family business, Wanmin Restaurant. Her skills have earned her a great reputation among the locals.

14Where is the radish seed?

Radish seeds come from the seed pod that forms on the plant after the flowers fade. Not long after forming, the pods will turn brown, which makes them hard to miss.

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