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Find The Barrier Genshin Impact Key (Detailed Response)

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1Where is the key to the barrier Genshin Impact?

To enter the cavern housing the barrier, you’ll need the Rust-Worn Key that can be obtained from inside the well in the Konda Village Chief’s yard. If you explored carefully during this earlier quest, you should already have the Rust-Worn Key in your inventory.

2Where is the rust key for the barrier Genshin?

the Konda Village

3Where is the key to the barrier sacrificial offering?

Head to the Red Tori and climb the wall on its right that is blocked by Electro Barrier. Open the Precious Chest and obtain the Rust-Worn Key. Head back to the abandoned Shrine and head to the Barrier. Use the Rust-Worn Key to unlock the gate.

4How do you solve the barrier puzzle in Genshin Impact?

This Destroy the Barrier puzzle is part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual World Quest. Just enter Chinju Forest and talk to the large stone statue in the north to start. Araumi. Another Destroy the Barrier puzzle that’s part of the Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual questline.

5Where is the barrier in Genshin Impact sacrificial offering?

Upon finishing your investigation at the abandoned shrine, it’s time to find the barrier in a cave to the South of the Grand Narakumi Shrine, and to the North of a nearby small lake.

6Where is the barrier in chinju forest?

To find the location of the corrupted barrier, Genshin Impact players must head east of the Ioroi statue towards the shore. Once players arrive in the region, a brief cutscene will automatically trigger that will reveal the barrier’s location hidden in the cliffside.

7Where is the barrier in Konda Village?

It’s found right on the edge of a body of water on the map. Use the Old Key that you obtained from the well in Konda Village earlier in this questline to open the gate that leads to an underground shrine.

8How do you break the barrier sacrificial offering?

Genshin Impact destroy the barrier | Sacrificial Offering Head to the location shown on the map below, and use the Rust Worn Key obtained in the Konda Well quest to open the gate. Once inside, you’ll need to work with another Tori puzzle and set the correct number of markings over each lantern.

9How do I get past the barrier in Konda Village?

10Where is the barrier in the Grand Narukami shrine?

To go to the cave below the Grand Narukami Shrine in Genshin Impact, you have to follow the quest marker to the shrine, and then go down the cliff on the northeastern side. The entrance to the cave is pretty far down the cliff side, and when you get there, you’ll encounter a purple barrier that blocks the entrance.

11How do I get past the barrier in Inazuma?

Getting Through Inazuma Electro Barriers In Genshin Impact To pass through the electro barriers you need to interact with the purple dotted plants called Electrogranum. Interact with them to get a status effect that is going to allow you to pass through the electro barriers.

12How do I get into the cave of the barrier?

13How do you unlock the gate in Chinju Forest?

Genshin Impact players can use the Rust-Worn Key to unlock an Electroculus Gate. The gate is on the west side of Chinju Forest. Players can find an Electroculus in there and a shrine to continue the World Quest “A Strange Story in Konda.

14Where is the barrier in Kamisato Estate?

It’s the tiny, circular island to the northeast of Kamisato Estate. At least, that’s where the barrier’s core is. The fox statue is below the estate, near the waterfall area. So, interact with the mirror there and then get into your Waverider.

15Where is the barrier Genshin sacred Sakura?

The Sacred Sakura Cleansing Ritual in Araumi Go inside the stone tower ruin and use the Memento Lens on the Kitsune statues. Use it on another Kitsune below to get an Electrogranum and pass through the Electro Barrier. Infuse the fox statue with Electro and grab the ward.

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