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Find The Treasure Genshin Impact Mingyun Village (Deep Research)

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1Where is the treasure in Mingyun village?

Go out into the open air then go to the area indicated by the game, in yellow. A fight will then begin. Once your enemies are defeated, go to the foot of the big tree, near the shovel.

2How do you solve the look around in Mingyun village?

3Where can I find the treasure in Genshin impact?

Find the Treasure Location in Genshin Impact To find the treasure in question, players will have to venture to a nearby peak, found across the Luhua Pool, just west of Guili Plains. The treasure is buried at the highest peak of Cuijue Slope, and is marked by a shovel that’s been shoved into the ground.

4Where is Noctilucous jade in Mingyun Village?

Noctilucous Jade can be found in the wilds region of Liyue; however, the best place to mine them is Mingyun Village. Mingyun Village can be found directly south from the fast travel point west of the Dawn Winery, or south-east of the Wangshu Inn.

5Where do Noctilucous Jades spawn?

Used as a character ascension material, Noctilucous Jades are a local specialty of Liyue, and can be found at the base of mountains and can easily be spotted due to their bright blue-looking node.

6What is the objective in Mingyun village?

The second part of the look around Mingyun Village objective is to find four pieces of a lost will. The general locations where you need to head are marked in blue on the in-game map. However, it can be difficult to get the exact location to search when you reach those markings.

7Where are the 4 Wills in Genshin Impact?

Look For A Will – 4 Locations Destroy the explosive barrel nearby the water to find the hidden cave. Search inside to find a will. Search inside of the ruined tunnel with railroad. Find a cave under the hill and search inside.

8How do you do the tree who stands alone in Genshin Impact?

9How do you get Primogems fast?

Here are some of the quick, easy, and best ways to farm and collect Primogems fast in Genshin Impact..
– Redeem Primogems Codes. Advertisement.
– Participate in Events.
– Get Primogems after Maintenance Period.
– Unlock Achievements.
– Daily Commissions.
– Complete In-Game Tutorials.
– Increase your Adventure Rank.
– Adventurer Handbook.

10Where are all 3 nameless treasures?

There are three different Nameless Treasures.Nameless Treasure in the Dunyu Ruins.
– Next to the Geo pillar.
– On the high stone pillar next to the Geo pillar.
– In the water.
– The final one & only one not captured in the picture, can be found by jumping through the open square in the middle of the ruin.

11How do you get a Choji chest?

Go past the crafting station, and head to the small shrine past the bridge. Chouji is there with a Precious Chest this time. Speak with him, and he finally departs on his journey, which means you can grab the Precious Chest and earn the secret achievement.

12Where can I find 3 Noctilucous Jades?

How to Obtain. Noctilucous Jade is dropped by Noctilucous Jade nodes, which are found at the base of cliffs and in caves and mines throughout Liyue; many can notably be found around Mingyun Village.

13How do you get into the mine in Mingyun Village?

There is an entrance to a mine on the waters edge. Head inside and you will find the Will on the floor, to the right as you enter. Then head North to the next mine. Walk into the next mine and search behind the small baskets on the right for the next piece of the Will.

14Where is the Noctilucous Jade on Mt tianheng?

Tianheng, where the region south to the Waypoint has four Jades. As a bonus, you will also find Geo Crystal flies here. Last, but not least, teleport to the corner of the map near Qingxu Pool. Visit the castle submerged in the water, where three Noctilucous Jades are present inside a hidden cave.

15Why is Noctilucous Jade not respawning?

Once you collect the ore, it takes roughly 48-72 hours for the Noctilucous Jade to respawn. You’ll want to stay on top of this cooldown because of how much you’re going to need.

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