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Find The Vault Genshin Impact (FAQ)

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1Where is the vault in Genshin impact?

To the right of the waterfall is a cave entrance. Follow it down into the vault and open the gate with the fragments. Take care of the Treasure Hoarders and activate the pedestal in the center.

2How do you search the vault in Chi of yore Genshin?

Genshin Impact guide: How to Search the Vault in the Chi of Yore quest.

3How do I get into the vault?

4How do I start the chi of Guyun quest?

You can start this quest by talking to YanΓ©r. She is currently in the ruins near Wuwang Hill. Yaner is investigating an old legend about a dragon-like creature from the past. However, there is currently a Ruin Guard inside the ruins, and cannot proceed.

5Where is the vault in Genshin impact Dragonspine?

Located In The Entombed City This secret room gate is located just nearby the teleport point of Dragonspine.

6How do you solve Chi yore?

– Investigate the ruin.
– Ask the locals of Qingce Village about the fragments.
– Ask Granny Ruoxin about the fragments.
– Search for fragments near the Geo Statues.
– Go to the highest point of Qingce Village to search for fragments.
– Decipher the fragment.
– Find a way into the vault.
– Search the vault.

7Where is the chi of yore quest?

The location you need to go to is the fast travel point in the west of Qingce Village. Just south of the fast travel point is a hill with a shrine area on top. Interacting with the Incomplete Writing (glowing beam) reveals in which order you must activate the statues.

8Where is the ruin Chi of yore?

To start the quest, you need to head towards the ruins located to the south of Wuwang Hills in Liyue. Upon arrival, search for an NPC named Yan’er. She will be found loitering close to the vicinity of the region’s Teleportation Waypoint.

9How do I find the geo statue of Genshin impact?

Geo Statues are part of a quest called The Chi of Guyun..
– To trigger this quest can be triggered by talking to Yan’er at the ruin in Bishui Plain.
– After exploring the ruin, three strange stones can be found nearby next to chunks of amber, which will become a common color throughout the quest.

10How do you get into the vault without opening it?

11How do you open the vault solo?

12Why can’t I start chi Guyun quest?

Getting Started On The Chi Of Guyun Sidequest The fastest way there would be to teleport to the Bishui Plain Waypoint and then head toward the blue sidequest indicator placed over the ruins settled on the southern foothills of Wuwang Hill in the Western region of the map. Once you speak to Yan’er, the quest will start.

13How do you get chi of Guyun Geoculus?

Must complete the quest The Chi of Guyun first. Use the Geo Traveler’s Elemental Skill and create a platform to reach it. Hidden inside the cave above a Ruin Guard. Climb the tree to get to the geoculus.

14How do I beat the chi of Guyun quest?

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