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Find Three Dandelions Genshin Impact (Explained)

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1Where can I find three Dandelion Seeds Genshin impact?

By far the best place to gather Dandelion Seeds is in front of the Mondstadt gates. If you leave the city (before crossing the stone bridge), you will find three Dandelion plants directly to your right and six to your left.

2Can you buy Dandelions in Genshin impact?

Travelers can also purchase Dandelion Seeds from NPC Karpillia in the Sailing Breez Shop in Ritou Island, Inazuma. Karpillia sells Dandelion Seed for x60000 mora each. Players can buy a max of 5 pieces every time. The shop refreshes every 48 hours.

3Why can I find Dandelions in Genshin impact?

miHoYo Dandelions are easy to find in Genshin Impact. Dandelions can be found growing all over Starfell Valley. These white plants are incredibly easy to spot and can be located in the various fields in the game’s overworld. However, the best place to find Dandelions is right outside the city Mondstandt.

4How do I farm Dandelions Genshin?

East of Stone Gate Take a look above you and you’ll see two cliffs jutting out. You can loop around to the north, climb up some walls, and on top of the first plateau. This will let you reach the opposite rock formation. From there, just roam around and pick up all the Dandelion Seeds that are nearby.

5How often do Dandelions Respawn Genshin?

Farming Dandelion Seeds can be very time-consuming; Dandelions aren’t the most common flower in the game and have relatively few spawn points compared to most flowers. Also, since it is a local specialty, the Dandelions take three days to respawn.

6How do you get Dandelions?

7How do you collect Dandelions?

How to Harvest Dandelion. Use clean scissors to snip off leaves and flowers. Retain a bit of the stem on the flowers so you can keep them in water. Avoid high traffic areas when harvesting dandelion plants, especially those frequented by animals.

8Where do Dandelions grow?

Habitat: Prefers open areas (including gravel), grassy alpine slopes, moist tundra, heath and woodland.

9Who sells Dandelion Seeds in Genshin?

You can buy Dandelion Seeds from a shop in Inazuma under the seller Karpillia. A maximum number of 5 Dandelion Seeds can be acquired at once, which refreshes every 3 days.

10How do you harvest Dandelion Seeds?

11What are the blue glowing flowers in Genshin Impact?

Find Dandelions. They are very distinctive in this game because they glow a light blue color and cannot be easily missed.

12Where can I pick dandelions?

You can find dandelion greens and roots in Asian stores or even in some specialty supermarkets if you are not feeling up to foraging. If you do plan to harvest them on your own, it’s better to gather dandelions in the spring when they are young (before they flower) and again in the fall.

13When can you pick dandelions?

The best time to harvest dandelion leaves is during early spring when the rapidly growing leaves are most tender. You can harvest leaves with garden shears or by picking them by hand. Early morning is the best time to harvest.

14How do you open dandelions?

There are a couple ways of doing this: you can pull the petals out by hand, or cut them off with scissors. If you pull them by hand you will get fewer green portions making for a better colored & flavored “broth.

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