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Genshin Impact Best Artifacts For Each Character (FAQ)

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1Which artifact set is best in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact: Best Universal Artifact Sets To Farm.
– 7 Emblem of Severed Fate.
– 6 Blizzard Strayer.
– 5 Heart of Depth.
– 4 Noblesse Oblige.
– 3 Retracing Bolide.
– 2 Shimenawa’s Reminiscence.
– 1 Gladiator’s Finale.

2What is the rarest artifact in Genshin Impact?

Here are the odds for every artifact piece: Timepiece: 8.9% to 10% Goblet: 2% to 4% Circlet: 4.

3What is the most important artifact in Genshin?

However, every feather artifact you pick up will boost your attack, making it the most important artifact to level up on every character.

4How old is Zhongli?

Around 6000 Years Old

5What is the hardest artifact set to get?

Wanderer’s Troupe is one of the most difficult artifact sets to obtain in the game, but it’s well worth it — even if there’s a bigger need for characters that utilize Charged Attacks. Wanderer’s Troupe gives a massive boost to Charged Attacks, and also a bit of Elemental Mastery.

6What artifact set is good for Fischl?

The best artifacts for Fischl are the two-piece Thundering Fury set and the two-piece Gladiator’s Finale set. Thundering Fury adds stats to Fischl’s attack, crit rate, and energy recharge. To improve this set even further, equipping two pieces of Thundering Fury grants Fischl an Electro damage bonus of 15%.

7Who is the rarest character in Genshin Impact?

Two of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact appear to be Venti and Diluc. Both are 5-star characters, and they’re more typically desired than other 5-stars like Jean and Keqing. Diluc is incredibly powerful, and he’s currently available through the Wanderlust Invocation Wish.

8Is it possible to get a crit rate goblet?

Only the circlet (or helm) artifacts have critical rate / critical damage as their main stats. You can still get critical rate and critical damage substats from every artifact (flower, feather, sands, goblet, circlet).

9Who is the weakest Genshin character?

The Anemo Traveler is probably the weakest character but does teach you a lot about the Anemo powers and swirl effects.

10Who is the strongest Archon?

In this fantasy world, each of the seven regions is led by one of the seven Archons.Genshin Impact: 7 Strongest Characters Based On Lore.
– 1 Zhongli.
– 2 Raiden Ei.
– 3 Venti.
– 4 Xiao.
– 5 Alice.
– 6 Dainsleif.
– 7 Tartaglia.

11Is Childe the weakest harbinger?

In a fantasy world of magic, monsters, and gods, Childe is still incredibly powerful according to the game’s lore. Tartaglia is one of the strongest characters within the story of Genshin Impact. As part of the Eleven Harbingers of the Fatui organization, his name is feared by many around the world of Teyvat.

12Is Shimenawa good for Fischl?

That’s why Shimenawa’s Reminiscence would be a great choice for Fischl. The damage bonus will greatly enhance her damage without having many consequences from the lost Elemental burst. The only downside is the fact that Fischl’s Elemental skill has a 25 second cooldown.

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