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Genshin Impact Find The Final Ruin (FAQ)

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1Where is the final ruin in Genshin impact?

Afterwards, you’ll be instructed to “find the final ruin.” The final ruin is located in the circular pool within Guili Plains, in the center of the four jade plates. Activating the mechanism here will spark three Ruin Guards into action, so come prepared for combat.

2Where is the final ruin in the quest Treasure Lost, Treasure Found?

The Final Ruins are located in the circular structure north of the Guili Assembly. The area can be identified by the positions of the four Jade Plates that players have to find in the first half of the quest. The Final Ruins lie in the centre of the locations of the four plates on the map.

3How do I get to the ruin quest in Genshin impact?

The side quest can be picked up by Yan’er, a hooded NPC. You can find her in the ruins in northern Liyue. The ruins are right next to a Teleport Waypoint that takes you to Bishui Plain. Once you’re in the area, a blue quest marker should appear on your map to lead you to Yan’er.

4How do you activate the ruin guards in Treasure Lost Treasure?

Start the clue mechanism to the north of the pool and 3 Ruin Guards will activate. Defeat them, then interact with the mechanism once again. Claim your treasures and return to Soraya to complete the quest.

5Where is the final jade plate?

Then finally, the last Jade Plate is found on the western coast, next to the Luhua Pool. Where you’ll find a fire Abyss Mage and thorns protecting the circle. Once you’ve activated all of the Jade Plates, go back to Soraya and she’ll tell you to search for the final Plate.

6How do you get Primogems fast?

Here are some of the quick, easy, and best ways to farm and collect Primogems fast in Genshin Impact..
– Redeem Primogems Codes. Advertisement.
– Participate in Events.
– Get Primogems after Maintenance Period.
– Unlock Achievements.
– Daily Commissions.
– Complete In-Game Tutorials.
– Increase your Adventure Rank.
– Adventurer Handbook.

7How do you activate the 4th jade plate?

Once the player has collected all 4 Jade Plates, they can return back to Soraya at the Wangshu Inn to accept one final challenge. This will lead the player down to the final ruin. The player will then need to defeat the enemies in the area and activate the mechanism.

8How do you get the quest treasure lost treasure?

How to complete Treasure Lost, Treasure Found in Genshin Impact. Players obtain the Treasure Lost, Treasure Found quest by simply speaking with Soraya, who stands near the trail west of the ruins.

9How do you open a jade plate?

10How do you activate final ruin?

11How do you trigger Chi of yore?

The Chi of Yore is unlocked by talking to the quest giver Yan’er at any time (already possible during Act-. The quest can also trigger by interacting with the quest objectives in the open world before finding the quest giver.

12How do I start the chi of yore quest?

Start the quest by talking to Yan’er near the ruin in Bishui Plain..
– Investigate the ruin.
– Ask the locals of Qingce Village about the fragments.
– Ask Granny Ruoxin about the fragments.
– Search for fragments near the Geo Statues.
– Go to the highest point of Qingce Village to search for fragments.
– Decipher the fragment.

13How do you get to Inazuma?

How to unlock Inazuma in Genshin Impact. After completing the prior events in Liyue, Genshin Impact players can reach Inazuma by continuing the Archon Quest storyline. Players must have completed all the main quests up through the “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves” chapter from version 1.6.

14How do you beat the three ruin guards?

The best strategy for defeating the Ruin Guard is to use an archer to target either the weak point on its head or in the center of its back. Two successive hits to these points will cause the machine to temporarily shut down. This can allow one of the melee characters to get in for some real damage against its core.

15Where are the 9 pillars Genshin Impact?

The Nine Pillars of Peace are located around Cuijue Slope.

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