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Genshin Impact How To Get To Inazuma? (Deep Research)

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1Can you bridge to Inazuma Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Fun fact: you can make an ice bridge using cryo freezing abilities to reach Inazuma, but it takes some bugs and glitches to do so. Genshin Impact players are among the most dedicated of players out there. If they set their eyes towards a goal, they’d eventually reach it.

2How long does it take to get to Inazuma Genshin Impact?

Normally, you can’t enter Inazuma until reaching Adventure Rank 30, and after completing a series of quests to get there.

3How do I get to Inazuma without Quest?

4How do you unlock the Inazuma map?

To unlock Inazuma, players will have to complete Chapter II: Act I of Archon Quest “The Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia.” In the quest, players will be introduced to three areas of Inazuma that include Narukami Island, Yashiori Island, and Kannazuka.

5How do I get from Liyue to Inazuma?

After starting the Archon Quest Chapter 2: Act 1, you have to talk to Katheryne at the Adventurer’s Guild in Liyue Harbor. You then have to board Beidou’s ship to start the journey to Inazuma.

6Can you ice path to Inazuma?

Genshin Impact Players Can’t Ice Bridge To Inazuma.

7Where is Inazuma Genshin Impact map?

The first part of the new Archon quest sends you to Liyue Harbor to speak with Katheryne from the Adventurer’s Guild. If you choose the ‘navigate’ option in the quest menu, the marker on the map will show you where to go.

8How do you explore Inazuma?

How To Get To Inazuma. Players must complete the Archon Quest called Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves in order to unlock the region of Inazuma.

9Can you walk to Inazuma Genshin Impact?

Most notably, it revealed that 8,793 Genshin Impact players ended up deciding to walk from Liyue Harbor to Inazuma City, rather than teleport or take a boat. When talking about the accomplishment, miHoYo clarified how these people managed the feat.

10How do I get to Inazuma underwater?

To unlock the Inazuma underwater teleport waypoint in Genshin Impact, the first step is to get the Memento Lens. Once you have it, head into the remains of a tower in the south of Araumi (location in screenshots below). Scan all the kitsune statues you find in there to reveal secret pressure plates.

11How do you unlock Inazuma bounties?

Unlocking the Inazuma Reputation quests is as simple as following the rest of the “Immovable God and the Eternal Euthymia” plotline, until completing the “A Flower Blooms In Prison” quest. After this, the World Quest “The Commission’s Commission” will now be available.

12How far is Inazuma from Liyue?

approximately 4 km southeast

13Can you leave Inazuma Genshin Impact?

A special Travel Permit that allows travel throughout Inazuma.

14How do I start the Inazuma Commission?

To unlock daily commissions in Inazuma, players must first travel to the new Inazuma region and complete the introductory story quest that automatically triggers when players arrive on the island.

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