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Genshin Impact Jean Build (Explained)

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1What is Jean’s best build?

One of Jean’s best builds is to equip her with the Viridescent Venerer artifact set which enables her to decrease Elemental RES to enemies. This Jean Build is effective if your team relies on Elemental Reactions that use Pyro, Hydro, Electro, or Cryo.

2Is Jean good in Genshin Impact?

Jean offers a whole heap of utility in terms of damage and healing. Even with powerful new characters like Shenhe and Yun Jin, she still holds her own. Along with Diona, she’s one of the best hybrid-healers in the game.

3What is the best way to use Jean Genshin Impact?

4Is Jean a DPS Genshin Impact?

So no matter if you’re looking for a support build or a physical DPS build, Jean’s main job is to heal all of the other characters in the party. This Genshin Impact Jean guide will have two builds that achieve both a DPS and utility role and explain all of Jean’s abilities and skills that she uses in combat.

5Is Jean good with Xiao?

One thing to always consider about Xiao is his energy problems; he doesn’t generate his own energy very well. That’s why pairing him with Jean eliminates this issue. On top of that, Jean also acts as a healer, so she’s a two-for-one. Bennett is there for backup and passive healing and buffing, also a two-for-one.

6Is Jean good with Diluc?

While there are multiple different roles for Jean, the best Genshin Impact team composition for Jean will draw from her swirl damage and healing excellence. Diluc and Xingqiu are a DPS pair that has the highest potential for swirl and vaporized damage, as well as being the easiest to use.

7Is Jean a rare character?

Jean is still one of the rarest characters in Genshin Impact. For anyone lucky enough to obtain her through the game’s Wish system, she’s great as both a healer and damage-dealer. With these character builds, Jean will excel in her roles and become amazingly powerful.

8Is Jean good at crowd control?

Jean is a very versatile character, capable of being played as both physical damage-per-second (DPS) and support. Your build will determine what role she’ll be used in, as different items and weapons will affect her playstyle. Her strengths include: Great crowd-control ability.

9What is Jean’s best weapon?

Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Jean.
– 8 Skyrider Sword.
– 7 The Black Sword.
– 6 The Flute.
– 5 Royal Longsword.
– 4 Prototype Rancour.
– 3 Favonius Sword.
– 2 Aquila Favonia.
– 1 Skyward Blade.

10Does Jean’s healing scale off of ATK?

Jean heals off of Atk, so Atk% Sands and Goblet will be your best option. Then use her Burst. Still better than any other set.

11Is Jean a better support or DPS?

Jean performs slightly better as a DPS character rather than support, but she is fairly proficient in both areas. We recommend pairing her up with Venti for slower stamina depletion.

12Does Jean scale off of HP?

At the same time, she instantly regenerates a large amount of HP for nearby allied units and all party members. HP restored scale off Jean’s ATK. Continuously regenerates HP for one ally and imbues them with the Anemo attribute.

13Is Jean a good healer?

Jean is a great healer due to her AoE burst, and her crowd-controlling skill. Players will want characters that can apply their element to crowds, as Jean will not be able to do so as an Anemo healer.

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