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Genshin Impact Kaeya Build (Expert Answers)

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1Which build is good for Kaeya?

Cryo Main DPS This Main DPS Build for Kaeya enhances his Cryo DMG output.

2Is Kaeya good Genshin Impact?

Kaeya is low-key one of the best starting characters. Kaeya is one of the most underrated, versatile starting characters in Genshin Impact. He can be used in a variety of ways, making him a top choice for newcomers and experienced players alike, regardless of playstyle.

3Is Kaeya good as main DPS Genshin Impact?

Kaeya stands right now as one of the best Sub-DPS in the game. This is because of his Elemental Burst that can easily work with other characters due to its ease of use and overall value.

4Is Kaeya a DPS or support?

As a support, Kaeya is excellent due to his Cryo application. His Elemental Burst stays active even if he’s swapped out, allowing the main DPS to dominate the field.

5Which 4 star weapon is best for Kaeya?

Genshin Impact: Best Weapons For Kaeya.
– 1 The Skyward Blade – Five Star.
– 2 The Festering Desire – Four Star.
– 3 The Favonius Sword – Four Star.
– 4 The Sacrificial Sword – Four Star.
– 5 The Iron Sting – Four Star.
– 6 The Flute – Four Star.
– 7 The Blackcliff Longsword – Four Star.
– 8 The Prototype Rancour – Four Star.

6Should I build Kaeya or Rosaria?

Rosaria burst is staying in one place while kaeyas moves with him, so Kaeya. I’d prefer Kaeya in this situation since his burst isn’t rooted in place and he has access to sacrificial if you really,really need it. Rosaria’s burst does give a crit rate buff, but that’s useless for swirl.

7Why does Kaeya wear an eyepatch?

According to Kaeya, though, his eyepatch is nothing more than a fashion accessory, which going on his usual methods of telling the truth may or may not be true.

8Is Kaeya a girl or boy?

Kaeya – Girl’s name meaning, origin, and popularity | BabyCenter.

9Is Kaeya black?

Apparently people are weird and racist about Kaeya from Genshin (he’s the only dark-skinned playable character currently; next patch will add another) but then fandom is like ‘he’s the only POC’ and I There’s something REALLY weird about people treating Asians as basically white.

10Is Lion Roar good for Kaeya?

Lion’s Roar is doable yet something of a last resort: it will benefit Kaeya’s Skill but his Burst will remove the Pyro affliction pretty quickly, rendering the passive obsolete.

11Is it worth it to build Kaeya?

Kaeya is a strong DPS and close-up combat character in the early game and/or if you’re focusing on free-to-play characters, and the benefits offered by the Skyward Blade are considerable if you’re planning to keep him in your party long-term.

12Why do Kaeya and Diluc hate each other?

One of the reasons might be the different philosophies they both believe in. While Kaeya prefers to stay loyal to the Knights of Favonius and handle matters in a formal way, Diluc prefers to fight threats on his own without following any rules and orders.

13How do I make my Kaeya a main DPS?

For your team consider getting Fischl, Mona and Qiqi. Take normal attack talent, then elemental burst talent and elemental skill talent.

14Is Alley flash good on Kaeya?

Alley Flash, having both high attack and elemental mastery in its stats, can make Jean one of the best offensive support in Genshin Impact. Other characters like Keqing and Kaeya will find The Alley Flash a perfect fit.

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