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Genshin Impact Kazuha Build (Explained)

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1Is Kazuha good Genshin Impact?

Kazuha is a great character that is able to Support and DPS especially at reaction teams. He shines greatly as a Sub-DPS that will boost the DMG of the whole team and make it easier to deal damage by crowd controlling.

2Can Kazuha be a main DPS?

Don’t care about what they say if you don’t like it. If you want to make him a main dps, sure! Nobody’s gonna stop you. Kazuha can be a main dps if you want! :D.

3What sword is best for Kazuha?

1 The Freedom-Sworn – Five Star The most recommended sword for Kazuha, the Freedom-Sworn can only be obtained through the Weapon Event Wishes. His Base Attack boosts between 46 and 608 depending on his level with this sword, and the substat will add 43 to 198 to his Elemental Mastery.

4Is Kazuha better than Venti?

For grouping enemies, as discussed earlier, Venti always wins against Kazuha. Outside of combat, Venti has more utility; players can even use his Elemental Burst to concentrate loot in one spot if they’re feeling lazy.

5Is Kazuha good with ganyu?

You’ll want Kazuha on a Melt Team with Ganyu because he’s an Anemo-user, meaning he can react with all other elements. If you have access to him, you can swap him out for Sucrose and Venti on a team because he has a mix of both of their elemental functions.

6Is Kazuha a girl or boy?

Kazuha (written: 一葉, 円葉 or 和葉) is a feminine Japanese given name.

7Why Kazuha is so popular?

Kazuha is very friendly when it comes to weapons. New players and veterans can equip Iron Sting on Kazuha as its passive skill and secondary stats are incredibly beneficial for his kit. Iron Sting is a forgeable weapon from the blacksmith in any region.

8Is Kazuha good with Ayaka?

Kazuha also has an excellent combination with characters generally paired with Ayaka, such as Shenhe, Diona, etc. One of his passive talents allows Kazuha to grant his party members an Elemental damage bonus when he triggers Swirl reactions in Genshin Impact.

9Is Kazuha good for Xiao?

So does kazuha work good here ? No, Kazuha does almost nothing for Xiao.

10Is Jade cutter good for Kazuha?

While Kazuha with a Jade Cutter can deal a large amount of damage, using Jade Cutter will prevent Kazuha from using more EM (i.e. using Iron Sting or Freedom Sworn, or using an ER sword and using an ER sands) in exchange for marginal attack increases in a triple EM or double EM/ER build over Iron Sting.

11Is Freedom-Sworn good on Kazuha?

At level 90, the Freedom Sworn will give him 198% Elemental Mastery which pairs well with Kazuha’s passive talent. The weapon will also buff his ATK as well as that of his party members. Just keep in mind that this weapon is more suited for a support Kazuha as it can greatly increase your main DPS’s damage.

12Should I pull for Zhongli or Kazuha?

for overworld, generally Zhongli. However, if you’re a spiral abyss addict and you have to 36* every rotation, Kazuha’s more beneficial.

13Why does iron sting help Kazuha?

The Iron Sting is a great weapon to use with Kazuha as it creates powerful elemental reactions and adds damage buffs. Since the weapon is craftable, players can refine it with relative ease. The Iron Sting’s ability allows elemental damage to increase all types of damage by 6%.

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