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Genshin Impact Luhua Landscape (Deep Research)

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1How do you do Luhua Landscape Genshin Impact?

2Where is Luhua Landscape Genshin Impact?

The Luhua Landscape World Quest is located near the Luhua Pool. Two statues of knights are visible and a locked geo pillar is at the middle of the place where Vermeer is pondering about his art.

3What do you put in the statue head Genshin?

Time to climb the statue and put the Strange Rocks into the face of the statues. You can be standing on the statues hands, shoulders, or on top of its head and be able to insert the orb inside.

4How do you activate the Luhua Pool Genshin Impact?

5How do you get to Inazuma?

How to unlock Inazuma in Genshin Impact. After completing the prior events in Liyue, Genshin Impact players can reach Inazuma by continuing the Archon Quest storyline. Players must have completed all the main quests up through the “Autumn Winds, Scarlet Leaves” chapter from version 1.6.

6Where are Vermeer’s paintbrushes?

There are two Vermeer’s paintbrush locations, which can be found on the opposite sides of the Luhua Pool (see the map above for the exact spots). There you will find two backpacks filled with paints and paintbrushes. Take both of them and bring them back to Vermeer.

7Who is the traveler in Genshin Impact?

The Traveler, also known by their real name Aether (Male)/Lumine (Female), is one of the three main protagonists (alongside Paimon and Dainsleif) of the 2020 action role-playing video game, Genshin Impact.

8How do you do the Vermeer quest?

The quest giver, Vermeer, can be found south of Luhua Pool..
– Step 1: Find Vermeer’s Material. It all starts with the search for Vermeer’s paintbrushes and paints, around the Luhua Pool.
– Step 2: find the strange rock. Vermeer will then ask you to go and examine a strange rock.
– Step 3: climb the statues.

9What is the strange rock in Genshin?

Genshin Impact users must collect one photo of a Strange Rock to start Paleontological Investigation and need five to finish that quest. The quest itself consists of nothing but players taking five pictures, so Travelers only need to know where each location is to complete Paleontological Investigation.

10What should I put in mysterious statue?

11What’s the secret of Luhua Pool?

To unravel the secret behind Luhua Pool and complete the Luhua Landscape quest in Genshin Impact, you’re gonna have to climb up the giant statues near Vermeer. First, climb up one of them nice and slowly to conserve stamina. You can use the belt buckle as a rest spot.

12How do I start lingering malady?

To start Lingering Malady, players need to be at least Adventure Rank 30. If that’s the case, they just need to talk to Aramis, who could be found walking beneath the stairs leading up to the monastery. Once they talk to him, they will be tasked to collect three posters and a billboard.

13How do you get Primogems fast?

Here are some of the quick, easy, and best ways to farm and collect Primogems fast in Genshin Impact..
– Redeem Primogems Codes. Advertisement.
– Participate in Events.
– Get Primogems after Maintenance Period.
– Unlock Achievements.
– Daily Commissions.
– Complete In-Game Tutorials.
– Increase your Adventure Rank.
– Adventurer Handbook.

14How do you get to Musk Reef?

Musk Reef is a subarea in Galesong Hill, Mondstadt. The main feature on the island is the portal to the Spiral Abyss. This island can be travelled to via a time tunnel, the bluish-purple portal, found at Cape Oath.

15How do I unlock domain Luhua Pool?

You can find the puzzle in the middle of Luhua Pool in the Liyue region. The Domain entrance is below a large blue barrier, and in order to break the barrier, you’ll need to use a Pyro character to light up specific fire pillars. You’ll need Diluc, Amber, Bennett, or Xiangling to light the pillars.

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