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Genshin Impact Noelle Build (Detailed Response)

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1Is Noelle any good Genshin Impact?

The best Genshin Impact Noelle build Noelle has a simple rotation and is easy to pick up and play, and her attacks cover a wide range, providing good AoE damage. She’s often referred to as the ‘One-Maid Army’ among fans due to her overall tankiness, and ability to provide both shields and healing.

2Can Noelle be a good DPS?

Noelle is a flexible character that can easily fill in the gaps of any team. She can also work as a Main DPS with her powerful Burst. This Team focuses on making use of Noelle’s Burst for continues and strong Geo DMG against enemies.

3What is Noelle best weapon Genshin?

Best 4-Star Weapons For DPS Noelle As for the best Genshin Impact 4-Star weapons for DPS Noelle, the top choice is easily the Serpent Spine. This Battle Pass-exclusive weapon has a Critical Rate substat and will boost any damage by up to 30%. At maximum refinement, this number is boosted to 50%.

4Is C6 Noelle good?

Besides, C6 Noelle is great and worth to build up since she’s in the perfect balance between offensive and defensive strategy. Of course you can choose to play a much better dps with more emphasis on more damage.

5Is Unforged best for Noelle?

For players with a Constellation 6 Noelle, The Unforged is a solid choice that will allow the Maid Knight to dish out some serious damage. While there are better choices like the Redhorn Stonethresher, The Unforged allows Noelle to use her reliable shields for some huge damage buffs, thanks to the weapon’s passive.

6Is Noelle worth using?

She’s good at being both the dps and healer of the team, not a lone healer imo. Her main problem is that she can’t generate her own elemental particles but characters like ningguang or geo traveler can generate the geo particles for her. ^ If you want to use her in a Geo team, then she brings a lot to the table.

7Is Noelle a 5 star character?

Noelle is one of the easier 4-stars to earn in the game.

8Can Noelle replace Zhongli?

Noelle dps? Yes, Zhongli is a decent battery and is overall a great pick. If you’re using Noelle as a main dps, then maybe. If you’re using Noelle as a shielder for another character, then probably.

9What does Noelle scale off of?

DEF stat

10How much can Noelle heal?

All of Noelle’s hits have a chance to heal all characters. With a Level 1 Breastplate and no Constellations, Noelle has only a 50 percent chance for her attacks to regenerate HP. At level 11 Breastplate, there is a 59% chance her attacks will restore HP for all characters.

11Which talent should I level up for Noelle?

Talent priority: Breastplate (Elemental Skill) The Weapons and Artifacts we’ve recommended for Noelle have focused almost exclusively on her capacity for normal attacks; so to truly round out this build, focus on building up her Geo Elemental Talents.

12Is HP good for Noelle?

Upon striking an enemy, Noelle’s normal and charged attacks have a chance to regenerate HP for all the party members, based on her maximum HP. The shield has 150% DMG absorption efficiency against elemental and physical DMG. Noelle strikes nearby enemies with Geo damage in a large area.

13How do you make Noelle stronger?

14Is the bell Claymore good for Noelle?

Noelle is a Geo Claymore user who can use The Bell. While it may not be her best slot weapon, she can definitely make good use of the high base attack and passive damage increase provided by The Bell.

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