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Genshin Impact Unknown God (FAQ)

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1Is Paimon the Unknown God in Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact: Is Paimon the unknown God? Paimon is not the unknown god. The picture came to light when some users posted a picture of Paimon, claiming her to be the unknown god challenging the main character/ Lumine in a boss fight.

2Is Paimon the Unknown God’s daughter?

Paimon is the unknown god’s daughter. She had done something bad and disobeyed her mum (maybe helping Khaenriah) and because of that, the unknown god turned her small and threw her in a corner of Teyvat. Cursing her to never wield divine powers and never returning to celestia.

3Who is the Unknown God theory?

Genshin Impact’s Unknown God Theories Explained One theory states that adorable Genshin Impact mascot Paimon is secretly Asmoday, the game’s Unknown God. This is mostly due to the fact that the ornamentation around Paimon’s hair looks a lot like the portal of Genshin Impact’s Unknown God.

4Is Traveller a god Genshin?

The Traveler is the playable protagonist of Genshin Impact. In the opening cutscene, twin siblings from another world travel through the universe, until an unknown god blocks their path. The player gets to choose either Aether (male) or Lumine (female) as the traveler and Traveler’s Sibling gets captured.

5Will Paimon be evil?

Paimon, in general, doesn’t seem to be evil, but she does follow the Traveler and guide them on their journey. This can easily be Celestia’s way of interfering with the Traveler’s quest.

6Is Paimon last boss?

Paimon Is Absolutely Going To Be The Final Boss In Genshin Impact – Sort Of.

7Is Zhongli a god?

5 Zhongli Is A God (Actually) As the vessel (for now) for Morax, Zhongli is basically a god. However, the player discovers in the story of the game that Morax, referred to as Rex Lapis, was cruel and merciless. He slaughtered many other gods during the Archon War, enough to earn him the title God of War.

8Is Paimon a dude?

What’s the gender of Paimon? Paimon is a female NPC in Genshin Impact that follows you around and will act as your guide for the continent of Teyvat. She enters the story as a character saved by you from a lake that she was about to drown in.

9What age is Paimon?

around 5-7 years old

10Is Paimon a child?

But I hate its primary teacher, Paimon. Paimon is a shrill toddler fairy, a consistently stupefied echo rattling around in a porcelain doll, the funny guy your friend knows whose idea of comedy is light bullying but with wings and a voice pitched so high it genuinely hurts to listen to sometimes.

11Is Paimon the god of time?

Paimon theory | Fandom. Just a mere theory but Paimon is probably related to the God of Time in some way, considering she can change time as she pleases. But she can only change time ~23 hours or such, so maybe she was weakened and became a weak form.

12Is Paimon a food?

Food is one of the many ways to heal in the game, so it’s natural that players would be curious about Genshin Impact emergency food. It is not an actual item, however, as it is simply a joke referring to Paimon’s small size.

13Is the Unknown God evil?

In addition, while supposed to be treated as the main antagonist, she is actually the first villain to be encountered in the game; exactly at the game’s opening cutscene.

14Is the Unknown God Celestia?

The Unknown God / Asmoday A mysterious god from Celestia with power over space that captured and separated the two Celestial Twins as they attempted to leave the world of Teyvat, kickstarting the Traveler’s journey to find their sibling and the truths of this world.

15How old is Diluc?

According to the post, Genshin Impact’s Diluc is 22 years old, while Amber is 18.

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