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Genshin Impact Venti Build (FAQ)

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1Is Venti good Genshin Impact?

Venti is one of the most flexible heroes on the game since he can easily fit in any team comp and thanks to the Elemental Mastery buff to Swirl damage, he can deal a good chunk of damage too. He’s only weak against enemies that are too heavy for his Burst to pick up.

2Can Venti be main DPS?

You can easily pair him with Pyro characters to create burning tornadoes. Because of this, Venti is best played in a support role, although Venti has plenty of inherent DPS potential if you want to go in that direction. Here’s what you need to get to create the best build for Venti in Genshin Impact.

3Is Venti the best character in Genshin Impact?

Venti. Bow and Anemo character Venti is arguably the best elemental support in the game. He can use his elemental skill to launch his enemies or himself into the air, while his elemental burst creates a massive Stormeye which draws in all nearby enemies.

4What is the best way to make a Venti?

5Is Venti overrated?

Multiple Genshin Impact players chose Venti as the most overrated character, citing that they like Sucrose more. Other players quickly pointed out how insane Venti is as a Utility character, stating that he is a win-the-game button.

6Why is Venti so popular?

Venti is far and away one of Genshin Impact’s most popular characters. He’s canonically very powerful (a god, some might say), he has insanely Elemental Skills, and his design is just so memorable. So, it makes sense that the fanbase is desperately pleading with Mihoyo to bring this 5-Star character’s banner back.

7Is Venti still Meta?

He may not be as flexible as the other Anemo characters that also provide heals and buffs, but Venti can and will dish out tons of damage and provide unparalleled crowd control (as long as you’re not facing a boss). But that is not to say Venti isn’t a meta pick for the Spiral Abyss.

8Should I pull Venti banner?

Pull for Strong Crowd Control! Venti, who’s ranked as an SS Tier Sub-DPS on our Character Tier List, is a superb Anemo character that can pull most enemies on to one spot.

9Is the stringless good for Venti?

The Stringless’ passive is perfect for Venti in Genshin Impact, and its sub-stat is even better. This weapon is great for both Swirl and damage build Venti, because The Stringless’ stats cater to both sides of the build. The damage enhancement can get even higher, up to 48% if Travelers gain five of the gear.

10Who is the weakest Genshin character?

The Anemo Traveler is probably the weakest character but does teach you a lot about the Anemo powers and swirl effects.

11How old is Venti from Genshin?

#2 – Venti: 15 years (human form), 2600+ years (Archon form) Venti may look like a young boy in his human form, but he is aged initially at around 2600 plus years.

12Is Venti a girl?

He is a free-spirited, wine-loving bard in Mondstadt and the current mortal vessel of Barbatos, the Anemo Archon.

13Is Venti poor?

8 He Doesn’t Have A Lot Of Mora Combine that with Venti’s expensive drinking habit, and he turns out to be the poorest God in all of Genshin Impact. Venti’s poverty is not limited to not being able to sustain his addiction to wine.

14Why does Venti use a bow?

The Anemo hero also has a 4-star weapon which easily reaches the levels of his 5-star options. The Stringless bow not only increases his Elemental Mastery, but it also boosts his Elemental Skill and Elemental Burst DMG.

15Is Venti good at C0?

But Venti is extremely good at C0 with just a normal Viridescent Venerer set, and I would save your primogems or money for a different banner rather than trying to dupe Venti at all. Unless you’re a mega-whale, this is just not a good investment of limited resources.

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