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Genshin Impact Xinyan Build (FAQ)

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1What build is good for Xinyan?

Pyro Support Build Xinyan can be a great support for Physical DPS teams like Razor and Eula thanks to her 4th constellation, while also providing powerful shields.

2Can Xinyan be main DPS?

Xinyan has been pretty underrated for some time now, but thanks to a lot of hard work from the dedicated fans over on r/XinyanMains and the awesome information they’ve put into the A Guide to Liyue’s Rockstar Google doc, we’ve found she can make a great sub-dps and main DPS if you invest enough into her.

3Is Xinyan DPS or support?

Xinyan is a reliable shielder Sub-DPS, capable of providing extra damage and reactions while still being able to shield the team. Both of her skills will give shields when used.

4Is Xinyan any good Genshin Impact?

Though she’s not generally considered one of the best Genshin Impact characters, Xinyan’s physical damage-boosting shield means that she has a lot more utility than just another plain old Pyro DPS. She also feels like a character who’s thematically strong with a fun design.

5Is Xinyan a girl?

Xinyan has several traditionally “girly” hobbies as her parents wanted to raise her to be a proper woman. Because of this, she has put special attention into her ability to clean, as well as cook. She even makes the Traveler a special lunch, according to one of her voice lines.

6Is Xinyan a 5 star?

Xinyan is a four-star Pyro Claymore user that hails from Liyue. She shreds some hard rock on her guitar and doesn’t change her character for anyone.

7Is Xinyan a healer?

As with most characters in Genshin Impact, Xinyan can work with just about any team that follows the usual composition of main DPS, secondary DPS, healer, and support.

8Is Xinyan better than Thoma?

Xinyan’s Sweeping Fervor scales its damage absorption by the number of opponents attacking and her DEF, whereas Thoma’s Blazing Barrier scales its damage absorption by his Max HP.

9Is Xinyan a physical DMG?

Don’t let all the flames fool you: Xinyan is a predominately Physical damage dealer in Genshin Impact.

10Is Xinyan DPA good?

Xinyan is best suited to a main DPS role. Unfortunately, she doesn’t excel in any position, but our guide will help you make her the best she can be. We recommend using her in a party with Genshin Impact’s Bennett to boost her attack with pyro elemental resonance.

11Is it okay to have 2 main DPS?

The number of sub DPS and support characters is interchangeable which means you can have two support characters and a sub DPS character or two sub DPS characters and a support character on the team. You should never have two main DPS characters on a team as this will hinder the overall damage output.

12Who is stronger yanfei or Xinyan?

Xinyan is more of a physical character, like Razor or Eula, so, if you ‘need’ a pyro character, Yanfei is your girl. Both do pretty mad damage but Yanfei probably scales better for the long haul. Xinyan specializes in physical damage but her pyro shield is really weird.

13Who is better Bennett or Xinyan?

If you need a pyro anything, then Bennett, because his E has low CD and Q is really good. Xinyan is more of a physical dps (her burst deals both pyro and physical damage, and her auto attacks have good scaling); or a support for other physical dps, because her shields give 15% Phys DMG boost.

14Are Xinyan constellations worth it?

Are Xinyan’s Constellations Worth It In Genshin Impact? Xinyan’s Constellations take her from underwhelming to viable. They allow her to be a Support and Sub-DPS in Genshin Impact. For supportive Xinyan, the core enhancement is in her C2 and C4.

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