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How To Beat Reaper Overwatch?

How do you counter Reaper in OW? #1 counter to Reaper: Pharah By using her Jump Jet, she can easily get out of range of any of Reaper’s attacks, making her very hard for him to deal with. Another advantage to Pharah is her long range.

Who counters Reaper DPS? Pretty much all DPS counter reaper. Hog is a fairly even match up. Moria and Sym can shut reaper down pretty well. Lucio can’t kill reaper, but he can peel/boop for anyone else.

How good is Reaper in Overwatch? Reaper definitely does a lot of damage, but the only ability he can use to get out of danger is his wraith form, and usually people end up chasing you if you’re low. He just doesn’t have the range or speed he needs to be up-to-par with the other most played DPS characters in the game.

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How do you kill the Reaper as a roadhog?

The only sure way for Roadhog to kill a full-health Reaper is to hook him off the map or push him off using Whole Hog. Additionally, he can use his Wraith Form to prevent getting hooked altogether and/or escape Whole Hog.

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