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How To Enter Overwatch Contenders?

How do you get into overwatch contenders? Aspiring players can qualify for Contenders through regional Open Division programs, which in turn qualify top teams for Contenders Trials, a promotion-relegation tournament that takes place each season.

Do overwatch contenders players get paid? In addition, two-way players had to be paid the same minimum salary ($50,000 as of 2018) and benefits as any other Overwatch League player. In August 2020, the OWL removed the limit on the number of players that a team could have on a two-way contract.

How old do you have to be to join overwatch contenders? 18 years of age

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How To Enter Overwatch Contenders

You can join Overwatch League by rising through the ranks in Competitive Play, Overwatch Open Division, and Overwatch Contenders Division. If you demonstrate pro-level playing skills in Overwatch Contenders Division, you could gain interest from an Overwatch League team.

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