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How To Report Someone On Overwatch Xbox One?

How do I report someone Overwatch? Ways to report players using the new Overwatch system Players can now report others directly during the match using the scoreboard or by selecting a player and clicking on the flag on their hero portrait.

Does reporting do anything Overwatch? Like plenty of other online games, Overwatch has a number of features that players can use to weed out toxic players – be it by reporting them for bad behavior or simply ignoring them so they don’t end up in their matches again.

Does Xbox actually look at reports? You may be wondering if reporting someone on Xbox live even does anything. If you report someone on Xbox live, it will be reviewed by a Microsoft team member. They will determine if the person reported broke any rules, and sometimes may even email you to update you on the situation.

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How To Report Someone On Overwatch Xbox One

Open the Social menu.
Navigate to the Groups or Recent Players menu.
Select the player you want to report from the list.
Select Report.
Fill out the necessary information and submit the report.

What is considered abusive chat Overwatch?

Vulgarity. Berating others for their hero choice. Taunting the other team in an overly mean spirited manner.

How do you get banned from Overwatch?

This includes behavior such as leaving, throwing, and abusive chatβ€”in short, trying to ruin others’ play experience. If this behavior becomes a pattern, the restrictions will escalate in severity, eventually resulting in being banned from Competitive Play for the remainder of the season.

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