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How To Transfer Overwatch To Another Drive?

Can I install Overwatch to D drive? Drag the folder to the new drive and then There is an option for it in the menu on the launcher, the option is under game settings and then game install/updates where you type in the new path to the folder or hit the use new folder button and select it from that. I’ve done it before.

How do I move my Blizzard game to another drive? Launch the client and select the game you want to transfer. Hit the Blizzard icon on the upper left and in the dropdown menu, select “Settings”.- Navigate to “Game Install/Update” and under “FOLDER USED FOR GAME PLAY”, click on “Use a Different Folder”.

Can you move a game from C drive to D? Click App Migration. Choose the game or games you want to transfer on the C drive. Browse D drive as the destination drive. Click Transfer to start.

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How To Transfer Overwatch To Another Drive

Start Battle.Net Launcher. Click “Overwatch” > choose “Options”, then click “Show in Explorer”.
Go to the installation location of Overwatch. Move the folder to the target drive through copy-and-paste. …
The Battle.Net Launcher will assume the game has been uninstalled.

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