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How To Unlock Reaper In Overwatch?

How do you get the Reaper in Overwatch? Playing games in Quick Play, Competitive Play, and Arcade will earn you a limited-time player icon, a spray, and the Legendary Dusk Reaper skin, in addition to regular weekly rewards! Each win counts as two games. Unlock additional rewards by watching Twitch streamers to get even more Reaper-themed cosmetics.

How do you unlock dusk reaper? Playing nine games in Quick Play, Arcade, or Competitive will earn players a Dusk Reaper icon, whereas 18 games unlocks a Dusk Reaper spray. 27 games will earn players the Dusk Reaper skin. Wins count as two games, so Overwatch players can potentially earn the Dusk Reaper skin in just 14 games if they play well enough.

How do I get the code for violence skin? The Code of Violence Challenge follows the usual setup for Overwatch’s mini-events. Players earn one β€œpoint” per game and two points per win in quick play, competitive, or arcade mode. By racking up 27 points over the event’s duration, the Dusk Reaper skin is unlocked. Twitch drops are also included with the challenge.

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How do you unlock skins in Overwatch?

As such, there are several methods of obtaining skins in Overwatch: Loot Boxes: Base Loot Boxes will provide players with any skin which is not locked to a seasonal event. Seasonal Loot Boxes provide players with specific cosmetics for that. Anniversary Loot Boxes allow players to unlock any cosmetic from any event.

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