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Is Jungkook Good At Overwatch?

Does Jungkook play Overwatch? On the topic of whether they preferred StarCraft or League of Legends, Jungkook said he liked Overwatch, in direct opposition to the other members of BTS. When asked who his favorite player was, Jungkook named YulmuAppa, a South Korean YouTuber who is known for his Widowmaker gameplay.

What game is Jungkook good at? BTS’s Jungkook is a gamer who is constantly seen playing mobile games. One of his favorite mobile games for killing time is Piano Tiles 2, a game that requires speed and concentration. Although Jungkook is the maknae of BTS, he is the most skilled when it comes to games.

What was Jungkooks Overwatch character? Widowmaker’s sniper in the hands of Jungkook looks like a nightmare for enemy players. Those are numbers that many Twitch and Mixer streamers can only dream of, despite many of them playing Overwatch on a regular basis.

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Is Jungkook a pro gamer?

While Jungkook’s fans are expected these kinds of positive reactions for their favorite idol singer, it turned out that even professional gamers approved the BTS member’s skills. He is indeed a good player that the pros were really surprised.

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