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Is Roadhog In Overwatch Good?

Is roadhog a good pick? Roadhog is a strong tank hero thanks to his ability to heal himself and catch low hp offensive targets. These strengths are what make roadhog effective as a damage dealing Tank. Since the general strategy for Roadhog is to play around your Hook Cooldown, while staying alive with your heal.

Is roadhog a good tank? Roadhog is an off-tank who is tier C because of his limited situational use and his lack of team-focused abilities. He isn’t a bad hero by any means, but he doesn’t provide nearly as much support for his team as the other off-tanks available in the game.

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Is Roadhog In Overwatch Good

Roadhog is a very sturdy tank that can take heavy damage and heal himself; however, his ability to reduce damage with Take a Breather is often underused. Roadhog is a powerful character but is less team-focused than the other tanks.

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