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Overwatch Free Loot Box Hack

Can you get free loot boxes in Overwatch? These loot boxes are usually granted at the start of events to entice players to keep playing by giving them a free legendary cosmetic. There’s nothing extra that you need to do to receive these boxesβ€” just log into the game after Blizzard advertises the free box and navigate to the Loot Box tab on the main menu.

How do you farm loot boxes in Overwatch? Win and play in the Arcade In total, players can get up to three loot boxes per week by playing in the arcade. It’s also worth noting that players will get an additional loot box if they are able to complete a brawl or an Arcade mode for the first time.

Do Overwatch loot boxes give duplicates? The contents of a Loot Box is determined when the Loot Box is received, not when it is opened. If a Loot Box contains a duplicate cosmetic that the player already owns, they will instead receive credits.

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How can I get Overwatch currency fast?

There’s only one primary way to earn Coins in Overwatch, and that is to buy Loot Boxes. These Loot Boxes contain random rewards, such as Icons, Victory Poses, and more.

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