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Overwatch Highlights Not Saving Xbox

Where do Overwatch Highlights save on Xbox? On Xbox One First off, go to your console’s Game DVR app. There press the Xbox button and this will lead you to the Guide menu. From the menu, press the X button on your controller to take a short clip of recent gameplay footage. Voila, you have it saved on your console.

Why can’t I save highlights on Overwatch? If you do not wish to save Overwatch highlights in the default location, the save location must be manually changed: Make sure Overwatch is closed. Press the Windows Key. Type %Documents% and hit enter.

How do I access my saved highlights in Overwatch? Open Overwatch and you need to go to Controls > scroll down to “Request Highlight” area to find the button to records highlights. Press the button whenever you want to capture the last 12 seconds of your play. It will be saved in the Recently Captured automatically once you have pressed the button.

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How do you save Xbox highlights?

You can either record the last 30 seconds of gameplay to capture an amazing moment immediately after it happens, or you can start and stop a recording manually, which is useful if you’re recording from the in-game “highlights” menu. To record the last 30 seconds of gameplay, double-tap the Xbox button and then hit “X.

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