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Overwatch How Did Genji Survive?

Who brought Genji back to life? Dr. Angela Ziegler

Did Mercy save Genji? During the Storm Rising event, there is a cutscene of Mercy swooping in and saving Genji from a gigantic explosion in the background.

How badly was Genji injured? Lucky, his show his face on the animated short “The Dragons”. I make some adjustment to the screen short, we can see his face is scarred, his nose seems to have burning mark too. Onto his body, it is quite obvious that his right arm has been cut off, and replaced with a mechanical arm which can generate shuriken.

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Overwatch How Did Genji Survive

As Genji’s injuries left him clinging to life, Overwatch offered to rebuild his body in exchange for his help. He was put through an extensive process of cyberization, which enhanced his natural speed and agility and augmented his superlative ninja skills.

What does Genji say during ULT?

When Genji activates his ultimate, he shouts out: “Ryuu Gekiken!” That’s the phonetic translation of the Kanji: 竜撃剣. In Japanese, Ryuu means dragon, and Gekiken means Kendo.

Can Genji deflect rein hammer?

He doesn’t deflect the hammer. He blocks/parries it.

Why did sojiro call Genji?

Sojiro Shimada was the master of the Shimada Clan as well as the father of Hanzo and Genji. He trained Hanzo to be his successor, and allowed Genji to live a carefree lifestyle despite the elders’ wishes. He gave Genji his diminutive childhood nickname “Sparrow”.

Why are Genji’s eyes red?

If you look closely you can see his eyes are still grey, the red is coming from his pupils and is probably a result of being a cyborg. He’s in his emo phase.

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How did McCree lose his arm?

After defeating the police enforcer, McCree realised that the handcuffs him and Junkrat were tied with had a tracking device on them. After trying the laser cutter on the handcuffs and realising that isn’t working the both had to cut each other’s arms.

Does Genji still have human parts?

Genji is a cyborg, and the Blackwatch skin released earlier this year revealed that most of his body is covered in cybernetic paraphernalia where it’s not been replaced by completely new robotic limbs.

Can Genji still deflect Hanzo ULT?

Yes he can. Yes and no. He can deflect the arrow that Hanzo fires that guides the dragons, I don’t know if deflecting it sends the dragons back home to daddy too but I assume so. It sends the dragons back.

What does Genji say when he summons his dragon?

He shouts, “Ryuuga wagateki wo kurau!” That’s the phonetic translation of 龍が我が敵を食らう (Kanji and Hiragana). This is one of the trickier phrases to translate, due to its literal translation being clumsy. When translated literally, he shouts, “Let the dragon eat my enemy!” Not wrong, but no one actually talks that way.

What does Baihu Genji say when he Ults?

“The white tiger becomes me.” (a voice line for the Baihu skin).

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