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Overwatch How To Counter Mei?

How do you counter a mei tank? Zarya, Great counter to Mei. Bubbles work on frozen allies to immediately unfreeze them and if Mei Ults Zarya and a +1 get to walk away free of charge. Zarya can make Mei’s life a lot harder. Orisa/Zarya comps are probably the best counter to Mei.

Does Mei counter everyone? Mei thrives in duels and has a hard time playing against multiple opponents. She can’t kill everyone simultaneously! And almost every hero in Overwatch is weak to 2v1, 3v1, or more.

Does Doomfist counter Mei? Doomfist Counters aside from Orisa are mostly Offensive characters. Larger hitboxes make it much easier for Offense heroes to deal damage.Doomfist Counters.

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Overwatch How To Counter Mei

Mei is weak against Reaper because she can’t last long enough to freeze him. His damage output is very high and if you even get close to freezing him he counters mei by using Wraith Form. You can also play McCree to do really well agaianst mei, he has high damage and can easily go around mei’s wall if need to kill her.

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