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Overwatch How To Enter Chat?

How do you open chat in Overwatch? One of the main means of communicating with others in Overwatch is through the in-game text chat. The chat window itself is located at the lower left corner of the screen and can be opened by either clicking on the chat window when your mouse is unbound or hitting enter.

Does Overwatch have game chat? Here’s how to automatically join team chat in Overwatch: Open the game and select Options. Select Sound and set Group Voice Chat to on. Select Team Voice Chat and set that to Auto-Join.

Why can’t I talk Overwatch chat? Check your in-game settings: Chances are that your hardware works properly and even the game is working fine just that you didn’t have voice chat enabled. You can check your settings by following these steps: Click Options and tap on Sound. Make sure that Group Voice Chat and Team Voice Chat are set as Auto Join.

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Overwatch How To Enter Chat

Go to Options.
Select the “Sound” tab.
Toggle the options for “Group Voice Chat” and “Team Voice Chat” to on.

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